Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Miniature Dachshund Who Started Me On My Journey To Become An Author

Books. So many warm thoughts are evoked when I think of that word. It is exciting to plan your date with the book you want to read and then take the time to sit in a quiet place and shut out the world you are living in to enter another world you choose to go.

@BatteredHope A dog helped me write my memoir

I can't remember a time when I didn't like to read or to write. I also used my reading as a guide to the style I would like to engage when writing. I wrote short stories and secretly hoped that someday I would really get serious about writing.

When my daughter turned 16, she went on a trip for fourteen days and left me with her new puppy, a miniature Dachshund. This little guy named Louis Vuitton was one intelligent dog. I made notes of his escapades and took pictures during this two week stay.

How Louis Vuitton entertained us for the evening

One evening my husband and I were in the living room and heard an awful commotion upstairs in my daughter's bedroom. Then the clunk-clunking of something being dragged down the stairs. Here was this little six-month-old pup bringing his carrier (Louis Vuitton carrier, of course) down the stairs. When he got to the living room, he proceeded to run back up and one by one brought the necessary items for his trip to find his mom. He brought his dish, ball, leash, blanket, teddy and sweater. We sat in awe and watched this unfold and were thoroughly entertained. When he completed his packing, he jumped inside and with great difficulty began to pull the zipper closed. That was one of the most enjoyable evenings we ever spent.

Louie liked to answer the telephone and was contracted by Fido because as soon as the phone would ring, he would run to it, knock it off the hook and bark into the receiver. He was never taught any tricks – he had plenty of them up his own sleeve. Of course, when Fido was there, he froze and that was the end of that.

That Christmas, I published “Louis Vuitton's Personal Journal of his Vacation with Grandma.” When my daughter read it, she laughed and cried and said it was the best present ever.

I finally wrote my story to shut her up!

The following year she began a campaign of encouraging me to write my memoir. No matter what excuse I gave her, she kept hounding me until I promised her I would. Thus began my therapeutic journey to places I never wanted to revisit. She kept insisting that the traumatic life I lived would be an encouragement to so many people who felt hopeless and she would not allow me to stop writing. She kept reminding me that there were many people who needed to know that if this woman made it, there was hope for them as well.  Finally, just to shut her up, I completed it and launched my memoir a few months ago.

One of my favorite authors is Harlen Coben and I patterned my story after his style of writing with mystery and humor.

I am so thankful to my little girl for pushing, encouraging, challenging and sometimes shoving me into my office to put pen to paper and complete what I had started. I also thank Louie who really got me started on this journey.

@BatteredHope Writing my memoir was the easy part

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