Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Music For All Moods

Music is such a major part of my life.  There is a type of music for any emotion.  Music can soothe me, make me laugh, make me sad or bring back memories.  When I hear a song from years gone by, it can trigger a lot of memories and emotion.  Sometimes a song will take me back decades and I will have a vivid picture of exactly what I was doing when that song was playing.

Growing up in the 1950s I was not allowed to listen to the pop music of the day as it was too 'worldly.'   I had a transistor radio with ear phones and would take it in my clothes closet and listen very quietly.  I was in high school during the 1960s and my father certainly didn't like the new rock music but realized I was listening to it anyway so as long as I didn't have it blaring, it was o.k.

Do You Like Music Award Shows?
My husband and I watch music award shows religiously, i.e. American Idol and The X Factor.  We crank the stereo up and enjoy the young talent.  Some of the artists are remarkable and many others have little to offer.  Usually the ones with the least amount of talent, think they have the most.  What we find shocking are the 'stars' who have made it in this business and sing as guests on the shows.  Often, they are a grave disappointment to the industry.  It is more noise than music and we are thankful for a PVR to fast forward through the agony.

Growing up, almost all minister's daughters were given piano and voice lessons and expected to participate in a variety of activities in this arena.  Singing solos, singing in the choir, piano solos, playing for weddings and funerals - it was all part of the scenario.  I am thankful that my parents pushed me to practice, practice and then practice some more.

The Music I Love
I love most types of music but wouldn't cross the street to listen to polka and most opera.  There is music to satisfy everyone's choices. I love Rhythm and Blues and the Oldies but Goodies.

When I drive, I only play Black Gospel and it is so loud that sometimes my SUV is rocking.  It's the way I like it, just like the kid I once was.  I am thankful that my husband enjoys it as much as I do.  My list of favorite gospel artists include Andre Crouch, Hezekiah Walker, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Tamela Mann, J Moss, Amber Bullock, Fred Hammond and countless others.

When he was younger, my husband traveled the globe with a music group.  He taught himself to play the keyboard, the drums and the bass guitar and had the opportunity to back up Elvis Presley as a studio musician.  He can keep 11 different rhythms at the same time and it is hilarious to watch that transpire.

Then there are the times when I close my eyes and listen to a soft ballad or a love song that warms and comforts as nothing else can.

Anyone else out there like my style of music?

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