Friday, December 13, 2013

I May Be A Small Dog - But I Dream Big

I come from strong stock.  I may be small in stature but I have always dreamed big.  When I dream, it is not only what I think about when I am awake, but also when I am asleep.  If I set my mind to something, you better believe that I will do it.  I am a very determined character.

Dreams Do Come True

Even when I was very young, I knew that I wanted to be a husband and father and I never gave up hope that I would meet the perfect girl.  When I laid eyes on that Mexican senorita, I knew she was the one for me. She did not disappoint and we were able to raise a family together.
Unfortunately, we were not able to keep all three of the children and two of them had to be adopted out.  We named our little girl Lola and she proved to be quite the challenge in many ways.  We knew she was different and learned later that even at a young age she was deaf and partially blind.  But I encouraged her and made her run and play with her friends, even though she was not very socialable.

Missed Show Business Opportunity

My aspiration was to be a star of some type and I almost had my chance when Fido contacted my mom and wanted to use me in one of their commercials.  However, when the day came for the photo shoot, I got stage fright and just could not follow through with it.

I know that my mom and dad had always wondered what I dreamed about when I slept because my legs have a tendency to move and twitch a lot while I am sleeping.  I dream of running in the fields with big guys. I dream of eating all my favorite foods without being restricted.  I dream of someone throwing a stick or a ball or a chew toy for me to chase.  I never figured out why they like to do that so much, but I dream of bringing my parents pleasure by playing with them.  I have a friend that dreams he is eating and you can see him chewing while he is asleep.  It is quite hilarious and he looks ridiculous.

Every Dog's Dream

The greatest dream I have, whether I am asleep or awake, is that when my parents come home from a long day at work I will be able to curl up on one of their laps, close my eyes and have them rub my ears and cuddle me.  I dream about it everyday and every day it happens, just like I dreamed.

I am a miniature Dachshund and my name is Louis Vuitton.

Here is a picture of my wife and our three little ones the day they were born.
And here is one of my family; me, my father Tex, my wife Lily, daughter Lola and in the background is my big sister, Mercedez.  We are a very happy family.

What are your dreams?

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