Friday, November 5, 2021

Taking Action to Save a Life

Were my eyes deceiving me? I leaned over the steering wheel to get a closer look. Yes! It was a tiny bird. He was sitting right in the middle of the intersection.  

I leaned as close to the windshield as I could, waiting to complete my left-hand turn. I could see him quivering. I was appalled and astonished when no one stopped long enough for him to fly away. No one seemed to care. Cars from both directions drove right over him and each one barely missed hitting him. I knew it was inevitable he would die. I had to take action.

The adrenalin soared through me as I pulled into the middle of the intersection, got out of my car, and raised my hands to stop traffic from each direction. My labored steps seemed to be in slow motion as I met with horns honking and people shouting obscenities, but my focus was not on them. My focus was on the sparrow. I had to save that little bird, and nothing else mattered.   

Taking Action to save a life

Each step I took closer intensified my determination to save that little bird. I bent down and gently picked him up and carried him to safety under a shrub on the corner. As I headed back to my car, instead of honking and cursing, I heard shouts of praise for my good deed. “YAY!” “Thank you.” I felt exhilarated.

Then as clear as possible, I heard God speak to my heart. “How do you feel?” 

“What do you mean how do I feel?” I thought. “Isn’t it obvious? I feel wonderful.” I wanted to add, “What an odd question, God should know how I feel.” 

But He was asking me so that I would take notice. He was about to teach me something regarding His love for me.

God's love

I had a warm sense of His presence like He was smiling at me, “Now you have an idea of how I feel when you fall and I pick you up and take you to safety.”  

I was amazed. I had always beaten myself up for the stupid mistakes I had made in my life. Now it was as if God was saying how much He enjoyed being there to help me, to protect me, and to shield me. To pick me up.  

I am constantly reminded of that little sparrow. If you ever have a hard time relating to an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father, think about the sparrow. God wants us to know how much He loves us. Every. Single. Day.

In the world’s current climate, we need this message of love more than ever before.


  1. What an inspirational story, Carol, and a beautiful reminder of how our Father loves us.

  2. Thank you and blessings to you as well


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