Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Story of Hope - Finding Hope Amongst Life's Challenges

Six years ago a man came into our jewelry store and asked for a small cash loan on a silver dollar.  I gave him $20. 

"I'll be back in a week to pay you back." Steve was homeless and I didn't expect to see him again.

homeless man

But, a week later he returned with a $20 bill. We chatted. After graduating from university he lost the love of his life.  He started drinking. 

He has been an alcoholic for 40 years and lost everything - including his family.

A couple of weeks later, he returned with the same request for a $20 loan and this continued every couple of weeks for about a year.  Each time he came into the store we chatted. 

I wanted to know about his life. It was obvious that he was educated. He is an avid reader. Each week he borrows three books from the library and is an encyclopedia of facts - a 'walking Google.'

Story Of Hope 

A couple of years after meeting him, we moved from our home. He helped me pack over 100 boxes and on moving day was an incredible help.  A year later we moved into our new store and he was the chief helper again.

Since moving our store three years ago, he got himself a chair and parked it at the back entrance. For the past three years, he sits in that chair and reads. He has appointed himself our Chief Security Officer. 

When Covid hit, our local food kitchen for the homeless closed. I brought him meals every day and often he came to our house for dinner (but hubby made sure he had a shower first)!

story of hope

Steve has been in rehab numerous times, has attended AA meetings for years, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

I spent hours encouraging him but trying not to make him feel guilty.

A few months before his 60th birthday he announced that he has had enough and was quitting for good. To celebrate, we invited him to dinner on his birthday - filet mignon, prawns, all the trimmings, and two types of pies. He had FOUR pieces of pie.

Truly An Inspirational Story Of Hope

He is now ten months sober and has ZERO desire to drink. He feels he owes us a great debt but we have assured him that seeing him sober is an incredible gift to us. 

Steve came into our lives for a reason just as we are in his life for a reason. 


  1. Great story, full of hope! Congratulations to Steve for maintaining his sobriety!!!

  2. What a fantastic story of love, hope and perseverance. Warmed my heart.

    1. Thank you. It is heartwarming to watch him as well.

  3. That is so wonderful that you would take the time to see beyond the homelessness and get to know a person who needed you! Congratulations to him for his sobriety and to you for your selflessness and seeing a person mend!

  4. It is amazing what good love and patience can do. :)


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