Friday, August 20, 2021

Is it Difficult to Find a Veterinarian Who Loves Dogs - Really?

Have you ever turned off your clock and worked until the job was done? That's the way the past two months felt. I needed to launch my new website and YouTube channel -- everything else had to take a back seat.

I didn't realize that this was only the beginning. My website and YT developer set up a daily spreadsheet of articles to be written and videos to be made.  As much work as that is on top of my other jobs...I have never enjoyed anything more.

There were 2,000 downloads on YouTube in the first two weeks. I am told that is extremely rare. I also know that the message of hope is needed now more than ever and that is what I share. Every. Day.


We couldn't bear watching her suffer

In the middle of this craziness, hubby and I knew we could not put off Star's dental issue any longer. As a rescue, she came with bad teeth and Doxies are prone to gum disease and teeth problems. 

I have tried to find a vet who would clean Star's teeth and remove the bad ones for under $10,000. No luck. 

Daily, Star got a regimen of vitamins, tinctures, and a raw food diet but it wasn't enough. She needed help we could not give her. 

Then a miracle happened. My hairdresser found a vet in the city (a ferry trip away) who didn't comply with the ridiculous fees other vets charged. She paid $1500 - not $10,000 for a similar procedure.

After the doctor examined Star, he shook his head. The infection had run deep and she needed antibiotics for two weeks before he could determine what to do. He assumed there were two badly infected teeth. 

Coupled with the abuse she had received before we rescued her, he said her jaw was cracked and she must have been in extreme pain for a long time -- we had NO idea. She never complained.

On the day of surgery, the vet said he would call us in a couple of hours when she was ready to be picked up. HOWEVER, the call came much earlier. He said it was one of the worst cases he had seen. She would need all her teeth pulled. Her jaw would need to be wired together where it was cracked. Our dilemma: What should we do? And how much could we afford?

I called my daughter and ran the scenario by her. She has rescued dozens of dogs including those with rotten teeth. She had been told the worst-case scenario more than once. 

She said, "Mom, you will give Star her life back. Trust me." The vets told her many times there was little hope of improvement. But she proved them wrong each time. 

I called the vet to ask him what Star's kidney, liver, and heart health looked like. He said, "Considering what she has going on - I could hardly believe how healthy she is." That made the decision for us.

Seven hours later we picked up this precious baby. When she saw us she started to cry. She never stopped until we got home. It was heart-wrenching. The ferry line-up wait was five hours in the scorching heat (over 100 degrees) with no shade in sight. Yup.....she never stopped crying. This is so rare as she rarely barks and we have never heard her cry before. So sad!

UPDATE: Star is a new dog. She runs with her tail held high (never did that before.) Her ears are perked up! She can't stop kissing us and cuddling -- also unusual for her. 

She got a clean bill of health and her jaw, which was stitched together is healing fine. ready for this? The vet never charged us the full amount. He loves rescues and wanted to help this little creature. He only asked that we do not tell anyone or he would be bombarded with people wanting the same deal. NO PROBLEM. 

We are so grateful. is Star.



And.....TODAY...I am over-the-top excited. The GRANDS are coming for four whole days. Life is put on the shelf. The work will be there after they go back home. 

For some of you who have not seen your grandbabies or loved ones during this season of 'separation,' my heart aches for you. I hope you will see them soon.

What would any Fly on the Wall post be without pics of the grands

Camping for 5 days is exhausting!


Someone dropped some

 bubbles in the hot tub

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  1. I'm so happy for you and for Star, she ended up in the right family. And enjoy those grands (I know you will).

    1. We have had 5 Doxies and they are prone to barking and whining. Star never makes a sound - which is why we didn't realize how bad her situation was.

  2. I'm so glad Star is better---reading about your dilemma tore at my heart. I have a rescued fur baby with bad teeth as well---she is on cancer meds and they really dont want to even out her under to clean her teeth n(she is a pug--always a breathing issue). She never let me near her with a toothbrush, either. She'd bite my arm off if I tried now, LOL.

    1. Aww -- so sorry. You are a rescuer too! with a big heart! Makes it so tough to watch them suffer. Of the 30 dogs we have rescued we never had one with cancer and I attribute that to raw food. Didn't you say you had yours on raw food as well?

  3. Oh, what a happy ending for precious Star, Carol! I know you greatly enjoyed time with your grandchildren, too. We are planning to see ours the week of Thanksgiving. I will be sure to check out your YouTube channel, too. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Martha - and I see you subscribed. Thank you so much. I know you will love the one about the eagle.

  4. Not me sitting here crying for Star! So happy you have her!

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    I’m impressed by your blog. Absolutely amazing work.

  6. I can't believe how big the kids are getting! Four whole days! Enjoy they fly by all to quickly.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments and I am glad you found the information so valuable.

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