Friday, April 23, 2021

How Do You Answer the Tough Questions A Five-year-old Might Ask?

Since I have my office in my home, the only time I 'dress up' is for Zoom calls - full make-up, business attire, and jewelry. If I have to run errands, I rarely bother with make-up. Sunglasses and a mask cover my face! How about you?

Last week I had two interviews the same day and wanted to run my errands between them. One of those errands was to go to the recycle center. I had several trays of recyclables but there was a strong wind outside which made cans and plastic bottles fly out of them and roll down the parking lot. It was a gong show. I would run after one can while another bottle was flying through the air. 

Finally, I got inside the building, cashed them in and left for my next errand. When I turned the corner, my eye caught my right hand on the steering wheel -  with NO ring on it. I freaked. I started to pray out loud as I turned the car around, ran into the center, and searched the parking lot - NOTHING. 

Do I call my husband? What would I say to him? 

I emptied my purse onto the front seat of the car and there it was - at the bottom. How did that happen? Was this one of those times when an angel was looking out for me and put it there?

I called my husband but only told him the first part of the story. Was that mean of me to want him to feel my panic? Half-way through the story I had to say, "Don't worry - everything's okay."

Lesson learned. Don't leave the house dressed up. Go out with no make-up, no jewelry.

Some of you may remember the story of Charlie - my daughter's Bernese Mountain dog that we rescued. Charlie was seven years old and suffered many close calls since we saved her life when she was a puppy. She almost died when her tummy flipped. She almost died when she gave birth and she had other close calls. 

We realized how difficult it was to determine if something was wrong because she lived her life with an incredible attitude. She never showed any indication of pain. She 'smiled' all the time. She was gentle and loving and adored the kids. 

One morning a couple weeks ago, my SIL found her in the woods in obvious distress. He gently carried her home. The local vet was kind enough to make a house call and tell them it was her time. She had run away to die. Charlie was my grandson's best friend.

This was not easy for a little guy who has suffered much loss - heart-breaking at every turn. But, as always, what a trooper he was as he comforted his little sister. Their daddy took them for a walk while my daughter stayed with Charlie.

"Good-bye, Charlie"
We will miss her forever

"Mom, I'm sitting here holding Charlie's head in my lap," my daughter said through her tears. "Right up to the last second, Charlie is fighting her demise. She has pulled through so many times. She doesn't want to say good-bye."

William asked me to make a story book with pictures of Charlie and have it printed. I am sure I will have many tears as I do that. 

During spring break, the grands spent the week with me. It is the first time I have had them visit without their mom. I planned activities and enjoyed each minute to the fullest. I'm already excited about the next time they can visit us. 

No, I didn't spoil them. 


I bought one of those kits to paint Easter eggs. Can someone explain to me why the dye they use stains everything? We made a huge mess. I had to sit down on the kitchen floor because we were laughing so hard. 

Hunting for Easter eggs this way was a lot more fun
and an advantage over her cousins!

Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

What a great success it was!

Since they were very young, whenever they visited us, they could take two hands full of loose coins from the change bucket. Their hands are getting bigger now and they love counting it to see how much they get. 

Gramma: "Brie, what are you going to do with all that money," I asked.

Brie: "Give it to my daddy, in case he needs it."

Brie: "Gramma, how come you don't paint your nails anymore?"

Gramma: "Because I work from my home office, now."

Brie: "So, Gramma, you really need to get out more."

I was stumped for an answer to this five-year-old.

Brie: "Gramma, I'm five now. Do you think I need a bra?"

        Gramma: Dumbfounded look on my face. 


With the time change during spring break, it was not dark at dinner time.

Brie: "Gramma, why are we eating dinner in the morning?"

Gramma: "It's not morning; it's evening."

Brie: "Oh, Gramma. You are so silly. It is never light outside at dinner time." 

William is nine years old but reads at an eighth grade level. He loves books and I teared up when he said, "Gramma, you're an author, right?"

"Sure am!"

"Do you think I could read your books?"

"Of course! But I will expect a review, okay?" That really excited him.

This has been my monthly Fly On the Wall post where a few bloggers share what has been happening behind closed doors in their homes. Have a buzz around and enjoy their stories and laughs.

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  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of Charlie. I'm grateful that my son and I got to visit Boston and say goodbye to my sister's Bernese before she lost him. They are such loving dogs.

  2. Carol, what a wonderful peek into your family! I'm so sorry about your daughter's Charlie. It's so hard when they cross that bridge to tag along at the Saviour's heels.
    But how joyous to have your grandkids over! Nothing cheers me like those innocent voices and strangle-hugs!

    1. Thank you Diane. The problem with rescuing so many dogs is how often we have to go through this. It never gets easier.

      Love strangle-hugs!

  3. Oh, those conversations with Brie are the best, Carol! It never ceases to amaze me what comes out of the mouths of babes. So sorry, though, about the loss of Charlie - especially hard when children are so attached to a pet as loveable as she was. Maybe they'll get another dog eventually?

    1. They rescue dogs so they have a few. But each child is attached to one in particular. Are you able to see your grandkids again soon?

  4. So sorry to read about your beloved Charlie and your grandson's heartbreak. But I loved seeing the pictures of all your grands!

  5. Dogs are heroes in our lives. The teach us how to Love and how to die.

  6. So sorry for the loss of your beloved pet!! And what a fun age five is!

  7. Awwww I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. This breaks my heart!!