Friday, February 19, 2021

Is Dental Surgery as Awful as it Sounds? The Truth How to Survive it

When my dentist put a temporary cap on my front tooth he told me, "That should hold about two weeks, and then we have to start the process of putting in an implant."

My first thought was "Do you know how much an implant costs? $3,000 to $5,000."  I decided to wait until it was necessary and then.....THREE years later, I had a problem.

Is Dental Surgery as Awful as it Sounds?

I tried a new 'recommended' dentist in hopes of walking out with another temporary fix. WRONG! He wouldn't touch it and said I had three options:

  • Do one implant but that was risky as the neighbor teeth had issues - $5,000 for the one tooth which could fall out
  • Repair the surrounding teeth including the implant $12,500
  • Dentures - $4,500      

After spending most of the day deciding on my options, having X-rays and consults, dentures seemed the best option.

Was I scared? YUP. My past experiences in the dentist chair, especially as a child, made me sweat and shake. When I was a kid Novocain was not used and screaming out loud was not allowed. See why I waited as long as I did?

How to survive the dentist

With the new technology, dentists no longer have to take an 'impression' to make teeth using a wax mold. They use a scope that takes pictures of your entire mouth. This is sent to the denturist to create your new smile. 

My appointment was set. Three days before Christmas. Excited? Well, it meant I didn't have to cook a turkey dinner but could veg at home for a week or more.

Scared? Terrified! Fifteen teeth to be removed.

Acute Gingivitis

The day-by-day journey was unlike anything I have experienced. I had a lot of questions through the different phases but few answers. I have considered writing a book to help anyone going through this nightmare. Extensive research was the only way I survived. 

I knew the endgame would be worth it - but it is the getting there.


Kids are born older now

When I was five years old I played in the dirt; in fact, I ate dirt. I found out years later that is a  calcium deficiency. 

BUT NOW.....the stuff my grandbaby knows....and does.... is a thrill to watch. I'm learning from her instead of the other way around! 

Genius at the keyboard

Her birthday party was planned and as my daughter always does -- it was over the top. But we woke up to a blizzard.


As expected, Brie had a positive attitude about it, even though you could see she was disappointed. One little girl was able to make it to the party and the day turned out wonderful. My daughter rented the town pool for an hour and the two little girls and Brie's brother had a great time.

A few days before the party Brie had her dyed with rainbow colors. She was so proud of her new 'look.'


My podcast, Never Ever Give Up Hope, is now in its seventh year. I love doing this show and more passionate about it now than ever. Recently, celebrities from every arena are sharing their journeys of hopelessness to hope. I am booked until 2022!

Please tune in - have a look around and choose an episode to encourage, motivate, or challenge you. I would love your feedback.

Never Ever Give Up Hope

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through that dental trauma but it sounds like a good way to permanently solve the problem.
    And I love how your granddaughter's plans got changed but she had a great birthday anyway.

  2. After the horrendous experiences suffered at the hands of a back-country dentist in the 60's (There was a huge bowl of candy at the door for us to dip into as a 'reward' when we left--it all makes a twisted kind of sense now...) I share your dental-reticence. (Or denticence, as I call it!) But I have found that these newly-trained dentists (at least the one I go to) are completely pain-free. Completely. Pain. Free. I've had extractions, fillings, implants and lots and lots of cleanings and I have yet to even feel a twinge. Either the nerves to my teeth have all died off due to age and past shocks, or the doctors have discovered some amazing new techniques. I'm going with the latter. Good luck!
    And: What a sweet, clever Chicklet! A Sweetheart!

    1. YES! I related to the dentist having a bowl of candy. Ours would give out lollipops. And considering I had 15 teeth pulled in 2.5 hours, I had little to no pain. In fact, I took one of the products I sell called Stress Relief and I almost fell asleep in the chair. Thank you Diane

  3. Sorry to hear about the teeth issues---hoping you get through it without too much discomfort!

  4. I relate to the horrible dentist stories. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. My parents were told I really didn’t need any Novocain for fillings and I would never have cried out. Have to be a good little girl. I’m glad it all worked out for you eventually.

    1. Yes, thank you. Best thing I could have done. And it was virtually painless.

  5. Mom had to have extensive tooth pulling and ended up with dentures - back around 1962. I've never forgotten what she went through. I'm astounded that I didn't end up with fear of all dentists. But when I finally had to have a root canal several years ago I was so dreading it - was almost totally painless. Still, reading the first part of this post gave me chills. And love Brie's rainbow hair!

    1. I'll tell Brie you love her hair! My fears were well founded and yet they didn't happen - it was virtually painless.

  6. Grandkids are the best blessings! I hate my dentures. When I had them done in 2013 I had 28 teeth pulled in one day while still awake!

  7. I have no such experience. But it's interesting to read other people's experiences.

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