Friday, December 18, 2020

What Happened to My Right to Celebrate Christmas?

After I wrapped the last Christmas gift a few days ago, I began my Christmas baking. While baking my grands favorites I heard the devastating news: CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED.

What Happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Of course, it came with a lame apology but our peninsula is on 'house arrest.' No Christmas celebrations. No family get-togethers. A $2800 fine if you are caught.

Many people might ignore this mandate but we don't have a choice. The ferries will not be running. 

I am angry and sad because I know this decision is more about control than it is facts. In our area, we have ZERO cases and where we were headed there has only been a handful. Yet, here we are - on house arrest. The worst part is explaining to the kids who do not understand.

Appreciate the little things

Thank God we were able to see the grands a few weeks ago. Brie wants piano lessons for Christmas and it is evident she has musical talent waiting to be exposed. Here she is practicing on Papa's keyboard:

What happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Where Did All Those Years Go?

We celebrated our 48th anniversary this month. Hubby brought me a beautiful purple orchid, my favorite chocolates, and took me out for dinner. I didn't have a clue what to do for him but then decided -- why not do the same thing? 
What happened to my right to Celebrate Christmas?

This pic was taken in 1983 - TEN years into our marriage. We still adore each other!

I had roses delivered to him at the store with a beautiful card and his favorite chocolates. The florist said that very few women buy their men flowers but those who do, will do it regularly. The guys love it!

What happened to my right to celebrate Christmas?

Love the Christmas colors

I love the Christmas colors in my kitchen. The two Christmas' cacti have been around a while and the beautiful orchid was from hubby for our anniversary.

What Happened to My Right to Celebrate Christmas?

For the first time in 48 years, we realized that we have never taken a vacation together. We have traveled but it is always business-related. We have visited family in various places but we never took a vacation -- somewhere warm, or exotic, or even a few miles away. 

Having our own business, it is almost impossible to take a vacation together and now we aren't interested. Anyone else like that?

We both like working too much, which can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. But now that we can't go anywhere for Christmas, maybe we will have a staycation - watching movies and eating chocolate.

What Terrifies You?
What Happened to my Right to Celebrate Christmas?

On December 22 I am doing something that terrifies me. But I have come to a place where it is no longer a choice. It would be nice to put it off a bit longer, even after the holidays but.....not an option. Once I do this, there is no turning back. 

I am having major dental surgery. 'Nuf said! OUCH!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great pic of you, you can see the love.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your holiday lockdown---that really sucks. As far as the dental surgery goes---you will get through it just fine. I have had so much dental surgery that it no longer frightens me, lol. But I do still have all of my own teeth and they look really good!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement BUT I am getting all mine pulled :(

  3. I am on the other side of this issue. I think we are our brother's keeper and it is a small sacrifice to make to ensure that we all remain safe. It distresses me that so many are unwilling to make it. My admiration goes to the Greatest Generation, who understood this and acted accordingly.

  4. Happy Anniversary! So sad to hear that Christmas has been cancelled in your neck of the woods, Carol. And I have to agree that this is more an issue of control, not health. I hope the American people wake up sooner than later!

    1. Many have. Many won't, sadly. Thank you for the anniversary wishes.

  5. Happy Anniversary! How sweet that you sent him roses. Your flowers look beautiful in your kitchen!

    1. It really brightens things up in the dark days of winter.