Friday, March 20, 2020

How Often Do You Have a Rude Awakening?

Rude awakenings come in different forms. As a Type A, I pride myself on working multiple jobs, running a tight ship at home, and being the greatest organizer on the planet. But then there is the reality check.

I met with my friend of two-plus decades for early Saturday morning coffee. For as long as we have been friends, this is our special time to share our secrets and concerns. It is usually a serious time outside of any other times we spend together.

Last Saturday morning was her birthday. Along with a gift, I wrote a long letter about how much her friendship meant to me. I actually teared up when I wrote it. I knew she would be touched. 

She read it while I was eating my muffin and I almost choked when she burst into howling laughter. 

"What is your problem?" I was hurt and at a complete loss.

She attempted to talk but kept laughing too much to make any sense. When she finally calmed down she said that her birthday was eight months ago. 

"Are you sure?" I didn't believe her. 

"Yes, but now you don't have to worry about remembering in July."

Rude awakening: You are not as organized as you think you are.

I don't do plants. I hate gardening. I think it is a waste of time and would rather have no flowers, no shrubs, no nothing but this house came with a beautiful flower garden that must be maintained. 

My husband would love to have a huge garden but he works seven days a week so it is not in the cards. 

When he came home from work last week he asked me to step outside. "I bought you a present." 

"What the heck is that?"

"It's a garden wagon."

"A what?"

"A garden wagon."

"What does it do?"

"You can put all the weeds in it or anything you want."

"Then what?"
Garden Wagon

"Then you can take them down the street and put all the clippings in the woods like everybody else does."

"Let me get this straight. You want me to fill up this massive wagon with weeds, roll it down the stairs, then walk down the street for a few blocks UPHILL spilling stuff all over the road, empty it into the woods and walk back up again."

"Yup, what's wrong with that?"

"Right now I fill up a garbage bag and put it out on the street for pick-up. What did you think I did?"

He paused, "Well, maybe the grandkids will have fun riding around in it." 

Rude awakening: I'm not the only one getting old and weird.

My Aloe Vera plant gave birth. Almost overnight it went crazy. I want to replant it but the nurseries are only selling 100-pound bags of soil right now.  Has there been a run on potting soil just like toilet paper? I don't get it.

Aloe Vera

Rude awakening: Keep a better watch on your indoor plants?

Star is loving her position as top dog. Since Gunner died she is developing new habits. All of them good - but some a bit odd. In the past, she followed whatever Gunner did. And Gunner was more cat than dog. He only aimed to please himself.

Star's new habit (she has OCD) is that she will only lick bowls, eat snacks, or table scraps if they are put on her placemat. She will not eat them from your hand or a few inches off the mat. 

Rude awakening: I have never been in charge. This is my dog's kingdom.

I slid into the tub to relax. I was about to close my eyes when a huge daddy-long-legs spider dropped from the ceiling an inch from my face.  END of bathtime.

Spiders are scary

Rude awakening: Vacuum your ceilings more often.

I have been teaching people how to keep their immune systems strong since I cured my own cancer over 30 years ago. My doctor gave me two years to live but I never accepted that - I chose nutrition instead - and here I am.

I haven't had a cold or flu for over 35 years - Keep the immune system strong -- it is your best defense.

My strongest message has always been: PREVENTION  It is key to staying healthy.

Never to late to get healthy

Many people believe that all products are the same or that they can mix and match products to produce results. Self-medicating without acknowledging facts. 

Fortunately, it is never too late. You can always build a strong immune system.

I am thrilled to be able to help people improve their health, get straight answers and restore hope. My latest blog post regarding health: 

Rude awakening: Your past experience can help others now 

The Grands were supposed to visit during Spring Break but......instead, the world, as we know it, stopped. My daughter keeps me posted with their latest pics - and there is always face time. 

Rude awakening: Never take your family for granted. (I never did.)

He's a thinker and loves the outdoors
His goal: Marine Biologist

Free spirit
She is the opposite of her brother
Her goal: Live Life - Don't worry about anything

I was sad that I could not attend Brie's birthday party. Rochelle did an awesome job as she always does. This year's theme was "Princess."

Birthday princess
FOUR years old

Princess birthday cake
What an amazing cake!

Birthday party
Dancing and eating cake
Isn't that what a party is all about?

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  1. That "gift" from your husband is something that mine would do.
    Although I love the dog and grands pics, I could have done without that spider one!

  2. The daddy long legs spider---OMG!!! On a happier note, your grands are all so adorably cute!

  3. Such cute grands.
    Life is full of rude awakenings! Oh my.
    Be safe!!
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  4. What a great birthday party! I know how you feel about not being able to see your grands, Carol - it's no fun whatsoever. And that spider? It would have brought my bath to a screeching halt, too.

  5. I love the garden wagon your hubby got you! Good idea for taking kids for a ride though.