Friday, July 19, 2019

What Do You Think of When You Think of Family?

Family.  This is a word that stirs up a variety of emotions.  I am grateful for the relationship I have with my siblings and speak with them or email them regularly.  Unfortunately, due to the distance between us, it is too rare that we can physically be together.  The last time was 13 years ago for one of my grand niece's wedding.  When another grand-niece announced her wedding date, I determined to make the trip a priority and it happened.  

Looking at the picture, can you believe my brother is 81 years old?  He is still blonde and acts like a big kid.  It was two weeks of family time and lots of travel.  The first leg of the trip to Wisconsin took 30 hours but I was thrilled to finally see my sister after so many years.  After a day of rest (and shopping), we traveled to Michigan for the wedding.  Another 13 hours of sitting in a car!

Spending time in Michigan with my brother, his kids, and grandkids was another highlight and one I hope to do before another 13 years go by.  
Brother with his granddaughter who got married when I was there 13 years ago

After almost 50 years of marriage, I still cry at weddings.  Why is that?  Watching a wedding on TV brings me to tears.  A sucker for romance?
My niece and her youngest daughter

On the way back to Wisconsin we stopped at a rest area and I twisted my knee while getting out of the car.  Now, two weeks later neither the pain nor the swelling has subsided.  First available doctor's appointment is this week and I hope the news will confirm that it will heal -- soon.  

Back in Wisconsin, the next five days were spent at my sister's cottage on the lake.  There were 18 of us celebrating the Fourth of July and I loved every minute of it even though my mobility was severely limited.  

I did manage to take a 'boat' ride around the lake.  A two-seater boat whose top speed was three MPH meant no threat to my sore leg.  Halfway around the lake, my brother-in-law was wondering when the battery was last charged.  Would I be swimming back?
BIL taking me for a 'spin' around the entire lake.

One of two new GREAT grandkids for my sister -
born within a month of each other.

  This guy pushed his two dogs around the entire lake

Lots of reminiscing, card games, food, and fun.  I made a promise I would bring my daughter and her kids for the next Fourth of July reunion.  Counting the days.....

In addition to the great family time, I was able to connect with two precious friends I met online over a year ago.  Christy flew to Dallas, Texas to spend five hours with me during my layover at the airport.  It was an incredible surprise!

Another dear online friend who I met as a guest on my show flew from Florida to Wisconsin to spend a day with me.  We shopped for her upcoming wedding this December.  Friends like these soon become as close as family.

Is Math Taught in School?

My three-year-old granddaughter loves to go to work with daddy and does every chance she gets.  She looks for ways to help him when he is on the job.  Last week, William (my SIL) asked two workers to measure an area for pouring cement.  Brie watched them struggle with the measuring tape as they could not figure it out.  Brie approached them, took the measuring tape, showed them how to do it and then said, "Now, get to work!"  

William asked them how it felt to have a three-year-old girl teach them a basic skill.  No words.

There has never been any doubt that Brie will be managing Daddy's company by the time she is a teenager.  

Can't wait to see these two next week!

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  1. I am so happy for you, having made it to the wedding. I know that time with your family was gold, both the wedding and the lake time afterwards.
    And those grand kids of yours. I cannot believe how fast they're growing up.

    1. Watching kids grow is so amazing as it seems like we never get any older, right? Then, one day, they are moved away and we look in the mirror and wonder where time has gone

  2. Such fabulous photos of family times, Carol! And your granddaughter changing a tire??? Priceless!

  3. Sounds like a great trip---except for the knee issue. Hope you're feeling better!