Friday, April 19, 2019

The Circle of Life is Simple and Complex

Ever notice that people say "Spring is Here!"  They also may say, "So glad winter is over!" and "Autumn is my favorite time of year."  I believe we often relate to the seasons of our lives in the same way.  Spring brings new birth after the dark days of winter.  The autumn of our lives is that time when we are slowing down but still enjoying the effects of summer, that exciting fun time of our lives.

Beautiful garden all around...and no WORK!

I especially enjoyed spring this year.  I have attempted to take a few moments each day to relax on the deck with a tall drink -- watching the dogs roll in the grass and raising their heads to smell the airwaves. It has been many years since I have had a yard allowing me to do this.  I KNOW! What did I ever do to deserve that?  The fruit trees are starting to sprout buds.  The berry bushes are bursting with new growth.  I have no clue what lurks beneath the topsoil but waiting with great anticipation.

We are enjoying our new home especially the beautiful garden, not knowing what color or type of flower will perk up each morning.  I love gardens and hate gardening.  This house came with a gardener.

It has forced this workaholic to sit down and relax for a few minutes each day and it is starting to become a routine -- one I surprisingly am loving.

Aging Pets

Driven to complete each job I begin....and finishing on time - can be as much a curse as a blessing.  So pushing myself to relax with the pups is a huge step for me.

Pets are family

Old pets

Our precious 15-year-old Gunner is showing serious signs of aging that is causing us to think about his future in ways that no dog lover wants to admit.  We have gone through this too many times after rescuing over 30 dogs and falling deeply in love with each one.  He has been part of our lives for only four years -- why can't he live forever? It isn't fair that their lives are so short, is it? 

His little wife, Star, depends on Gunner for her daily grooming. They eat together out of the same bowl, sleep together, and are together 24/7.  When we learned of their severe abuse during the first ten years of their lives, we realized how much they depended on each other and that Gunner took a lot of the criminal, painful kicks to protect his little Star from the wicked feet of their previous owners.

Ever been audited?  It's no party!

Missing a week of work while in the Bahamas for the writer's cruise set me back and with it came a load of more deadlines to meet.  The following week our accountant stayed at our home for eight days to finalize our taxes and complete the government's ridiculous demands for an auditStressful is an understatement because this takes priority over any pending deadlines.

If only we lived closer...

The next week brought great joy:  Rochelle and the grands spent six days with us.  I loved every second of their visit and wept when they left.  I am jealous of anyone who is blessed with living near their kids.  An observation our friends made during the kids' visit was that they do not tire you out.  They are extremely well-behaved and polite and.......helpful.

Children and dogs
Skookumchuk Rapids

"What doing, Gramma?"
"Making dinner."
"Can I help?"

"What chew doin' Gramma?"
"Loading the dishwasher."
"Can I help?"

"What you doing?"
"Can I help?"

It would be nice if this never stops and considering her seven-year-old brother is just as helpful.........we can hope.
Future CEO

This video is that three-year-old helping her daddy change a tire on his big work truck.  We are fully confident that this kid will be a CEO someday.  Watching this play out will bring us much pleasure.

Rochelle brought two of her large dogs and they loved the privilege of a yard where they could run free without being leashed.

Spring time

After three weeks of travel and guests, it was time to hone in on the jobs piling on my desktop.  Of course, I decided to add to it by taking on more tasks including developing a new website (so excited!!)    Determination will pay off and in a couple of months, I will see the fruits of that labor along with blooms on the fruit trees in the garden.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful and so are your grandchildren. They're growing up so fast!

    1. And then they are in college and you wonder where the time went, right?

  2. What a beautiful garden! I'm so excited for you to find out what's hiding under the soil. I'm sad for you about Gunner. What a blessed life he's had these last few years. I think animal abusers belong in jail. It's unacceptable that someone would hurt something so sweet. Your grands are growing so quickly; what a joy it must have been to have them visit. <3

    1. Thank you Michele. I just discovered the vegie garden today -- now I am really excited. This house has gardens above the roof which I was not aware of.

  3. Beautiful garden and love all the pics of the grandkids. Adorable. Oh no, so sad that doggies can’t live longer.

  4. Learning to change a tire at 3, and being so helpful? Oh, yes, Carol, this precious little gal will go far in life, guaranteed!
    And I'm glad you're learning to make yourself sit quietly and simply enjoy the beauty in your yard. No matter how busy and committed we are, we all need rest and quiet.

  5. To create a yard and garden like yours takes time. It looks lovely.

    1. Yes it is beautiful. But I can't take any credit -- we just moved in.

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