Friday, January 4, 2019

Do You Believe New Year's Resolutions Work?

new year's resolutions
When asked what my realistic
goals were for the new year, 
it brought up my dislike for 
New Year's resolutions.  

Even though I may have good
intentions, making a New Year's 
resolution rarely  works. 
The stats prove it.

I am a driven, motivated, hard-working woman who has daily, weekly, and monthly 
goals.  And I beat myself up severely if I don't attain those goals.  I am known to push 
myself to the limit to complete a task.  I run a few businesses and also travel
as a speaker which leaves me no choice but to be organized and focused.  In addition, 
my talk show and book tours are founded on the concept of never ever giving up.  
This is why I only make realistic goals that I know I can attain.

Yet, I rarely think about what I hope to accomplish in a year or five years.  
I am a realist and know that life can get in the way of long-term goals and create 
both disappointment and guilt -- two roads I do not want to travel.

Battered Hope

Yet, there are a couple things I am hoping will happen in 2019.  
I have an incredible opportunity to see the fulfillment of a long-term 
dream to have my memoir, Battered Hope,  become a movie.  
Before I wrote it, I did not see it as only a book, but as a movie. 
It is a story that needs to be shared to a larger audience than what a 
book offers.  This coming February I have the opportunity to see
that accomplished.

My second goal for this year is one I have hoped for and dreamed about during the 
past few years.  Family is most definitely the single most important thing in my life 
but distance and circumstances prevented me from seeing my sister and my brother
for many years.  Both my daughter and I have made a promise that this is the year 
we will travel to visit them. 


There are many things in our lives that are out of our control and no matter how hard 
we try, we may not be able to change that.  But the tenacity and hope that runs through
my veins will continue to give me the adrenaline needed to realize the fulfillment of these 

I am sure that all of us have seen the homeless people on street corners asking for 
spare change.  This often made me wonder how they ended up there and whether or 
not they gave up on their goals of a better life.  

Over the years my husband and other people I know have offered these people jobs.  
One person I spoke with had been a high school teacher but he quit his job because 
he realized the opportunity to make a better income was begging for spare change 
on a street corner.  

A couple weeks ago a friend in the construction industry 
offered jobs to a few of these panhandlers.  
The answer was the same each time. "No, thank you. 
I can make a lot more money here than if I worked 
at a regular job."

Each of us has a different goal.  Hopefully, you will be able to reach the goals you set
for yourself, but I urge you to keep them realistic.  Sure, I would love to lose 20 pounds 
but I am a cookie monster and I don't intend to change.  

I would love to spend more time reading and relaxing but I am a workaholic and choose
not to change that as well.  Hubby and I spent five days visiting our daughter's family over
the Christmas holidays.  It was wonderful in every respect.  Not only was it the best 
Christmas ever, but it was great to not think about work or deadlines for a few days.

One thing I realized during that week was that my brother's words were both wise and true. 
He is 81, works six days a week, eight to ten hours a day at his business restoring classic
cars.  There are days when he sounds so tired and I wish he didn't work so hard.  When I
mention it to him, his answer is always the same:  "If I stop, I will die."  


I finally understood this after those five days off work.  I became tired, had brain fog, 
gained weight, felt lazy, unmotivated and couldn't wait to start working again.

In conclusion:  my long-term goals are to keep working and stay young.

This challenge was given to me for this month's Secret Subject Swap.  It was from 
Karen Blessing of "Baking In A Tornado."  Her question was:  What are some of the
things you would realistically like to accomplish this year and why?           

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