Sunday, October 15, 2017

Are You Being Fooled by Your Supplement Company?

Are there days when you feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Can you imagine waking up every day feeling rested and great?  You can realize optimum health.  It is feasible and within your reach.

I am a registered symptomatologist (one who studies the sets of symptoms relative to a medical condition) and certified health coach who has been steering people towards optimum health for 35 years.  It’s important to boost your immune system in order to heal current disease and prevent future disease. 

After curing my own cancer when told I would die over 35 years ago, I have made it my life's mission to help as many people as I can to realize optimum health.  My offer to you is that I will assess your health questionnaire and give my suggestions at no obligation to you.


In the list below, I have recapped the last nine posts in this series to give you guidelines to determine the effectiveness of the supplements you are currently taking.  I urge you to read through them as it may shock you to realize the vitamins you are using could actually be harming you. 

In addition to the ones below, here are a few more questions you need to be asking your health food store or the company who makes the brand you are using.  Your health depends on it.

Ask the company --
Do their multi-vitamins break down in the stomach within 90 seconds?

Are their nutrients with established US RDA's listed on the label?

Are their proportions correct; i.e. are the B vitamins supplied in amounts equaling at least 100 percent of the RDA.  Do any of the B vitamin proportions vary more than 500 percent?  

What is the copper to zinc balance? 

Does their B complex and Vitamin C slowly melt over the course of 12 hours to give better absorption?

This one is HUGE!   Where are their supplements grown, manufactured and bottled?  China?  USA?  What kind of information is available on ingredient specifications, safety and quality testing

Does the company invest in and operate their own Research and Development Center and Food and Nutritional Supplement manufacturing plant?  Or do they buy from outsources?

Does the company produce hormone products?  Supplying such a substance for the body can create a dependency, an addiction, in which the body stops doing its own job of producing the hormone for itself.  

BIGGEST ONE YET!  Is there clinical documentation behind ANY AND ALL statements made by the company?  So many people take statements made at face value believing the well-established, well-known company would certainly not lie.

Many companies make blatant statements thinking that no one will challenge them on it.  Whenever I test products for my clients, I write the company and ask them these questions.  Most companies don't respond because they do not have the 'right' answers.

What method of standardization is used to test the herbal products?  There are only a few natural products companies that standardize the extraction process on a molecular basis whereby linking the herbs natural chemical to a biological effect that is relevant to a therapeutic target.  

This standardization method can apply to herbs, vitamins, supplements, and minerals.

Many well-known brands do not begin to pass these tests.  Don't be fooled because you recognize the 'name' on the label.  Obviously, I cannot post those brands here but you would be shocked at what these companies are packaging and calling "nutrition."

Let me help you.  You will not regret it.  You have nothing to lose and good health to gain.

The Best of Science + The Best of Nature = Best of Quality

The cells of the body know nothing about advertising or price


Recapping the first nine posts of this series 

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