Friday, August 18, 2017

What is the Best Way to Avoid the Heat? Toilet Paper?

Baby in toilet paper
There are many people who truly enjoy the heat.....I'm not one of them.  I start dreading summer in early spring and then become thankful for every day that is NOT hot. But, this year, those days were short-lived as we have had record breaking temperatures (in the North West) along with a drought.  There is no green left in this rain forest.  It is brown. No rain for months.

My complaint is not just founded on how ill I feel when the temperature is over 72 degrees but mostly on the threat of wild fires.  When there are wild fires in the desert, it is completely different than when they are in the rain forest.  One spark can trigger devastation for huge areas as we are so heavily treed.  My daughter's home is surrounded by acres of trees and the property behind her recently succumbed to a fire.  There are over 125 fires raping these forests right now.  

Did I mention that when you live in the rain forest few homes, and most businesses do NOT have air conditioning -- so there is no escape.  Looks like my grandbaby has the right idea -- no clothes!

On a humorous side, here is why I hate  dislike abhor can't tolerate summer......CLICK here for 10 Reasons To Skip Summer.

Outside of working like crazy meeting writing deadlines this month and interviewing incredible guests on my show, I did get some quality time with the grandbabies.

Mini Boss and company

My daughter asked that I travel to the city and babysit William and Aubrie in a hotel while she attended a celebration of life event for her friend's mom.  It was a hoot helping Rochelle and her girlfriends get ready for the 1980's event which included music from that era and dancing.  

There isn't much to do in a hotel located downtown in a large city, so I had the kids (5 years and 1 year) run races down the hall of the hotel.  So many giggles and thank goodness no one was in sight.  

This was the first time my granddaughter was away from her parents for the night.  We weren't sure how it would go, but she didn't ask for her mom once.

Brothers and Sisters

It is evident from the moment these kids wake up in the morning to the time they go to bed, that they adore each other.  William is kind, caring, gentle, thoughtful and helpful.  At FIVE years old, he will drop his toys and run to his sister's aid if she needs it -- without being asked.

He is respectful to his parents and polite with all adults.  He will grow up knowing HOW to treat a girl and she will grow up knowing HOW girls should be treated.

I knew William loved taking care of his sister but to see it in action, almost made me cry.  I read them a bedtime story and Aubrie intently watched her brother listening to the story, waiting for his reactions to it (one of Beatrix Potter's series I saved from my kids' collection.)

When the story was over, William said, "Don't worry, Gramma, I know what songs Aubrie likes. I will sing her to sleep."  She was out cold in a matter of minutes.  This sweet "Mini Boss."
Mini Boss

I have the greatest respect for this mom and dad in raising their children and could not be prouder of them or my grand babies.  

Sibling Love

Someone stole my clothes!!

I can't believe that this "queen of organization" left her clothes hanging in the hotel's closet. Even worse I didn't realize they were missing until this morning when I wanted to put on one of the outfits.  I called the hotel and they said: "Sorry, no clothes were found and the next guest must have taken your clothes with them."  

I have two questions:  1)  Isn't housekeeping supposed to look in the closet when they prepare the room for the next guest? 
2)  Repeat of number one.

Lesson learned:  I'll never do that again.

Our precious Star

Star is one of our rescues, a long-haired mini Dachshund.  We have had her and her mate for two years.  Star was a show dog.  Both she and Gunner were severely abused. Consequently,  she is still very shy and tries so hard to please.  To see her relax like this is very unusual......I don't think she likes the hot temperatures either.

Mini Dachshund

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