Sunday, July 30, 2017

When You Stand on a Soapbox - What are You Shouting?

If I am going to stand on a soapbox and scream..... nine times out of ten it would be about animal abuse.  If I had the time and the means I would drive around town and look for dogs that have been left in hot cars so that I could rescue them. 

Last week I wanted to take my pups to the park for a nice cool walk in the shade but the cement en route to the park was too hot for their little paws.  They were ready for their walk, giving me those puppy dog eyes and jumping around in circles so I decided to drive them to the park.  I had already backed out of the garage when I realized I forgot their water.  When I got back to the car my little mini-dachshund, Star had LOCKED me out.  In her excitement, she had jumped on the door locks.  

The car was in the sun and I knew how fast it would be deadly hot inside.  Then I remembered that my husband had a spare key in his desk.  It WAS NOT there.  I called him in panic while he was at work, but his car was in the shop and he had no way to bring the key to me.  

I was freaking.  I called my friend who would drive to my husband's store, get the key from him and bring it to me.  But that would take at least 20 minutes and I envisioned my dogs would not survive that long. 

I prayed.  I cried.  My hubby called and said "Start talking to Star and get her excited. She might pop the door back open."  It W O R K E D.  It only took a minute and she was happy to open the door for me.  I will NEVER, EVER do that again.  

Star and Gunner

Star and Gunner are rescues.  They were show dogs who were mistreated terribly.  Gunner, the male, washes Star's face every day.  After all, they were married for a few years and had babies together.  When we rescued them, they came as a pair and they are adorable together. Gunner was hurt by their owners because he would protect Star from their abuse.  So sad.  But they are two of the sweetest rescues we have ever had.

This past week, Gunner has been lethargic and sad.  He is too young to leave us yet as he is only 11 years old. Even though he seems to be improving a bit every day, it is difficult to know what will happen.  Star would be devasted if he left her.

Does everything happen for a reason?

Hubby tried to start his car last week and realized there was a fuel pump problem.  We had it towed to the garage where it was confirmed we needed a new pump.  After waiting almost a week for the parts, it was finally ready for pick up.  Hubby gets in, turns the key and.......nothing. This was AFTER he paid $750 for the repair.  

The mechanic asks the shop boy to get the jumper cables and the kid put them on BACKWARDS.  Blew up the car.  Hubby walks back into the office, throws the keys on the desk and said: "Fix it!"

Bad mechanics

It hadn't started because either they put in a faulty pump or they never cleaned the fuel lines  - but that was their problem, not ours.

After another week, the shop called to say they had ordered many new parts and that this was entirely their fault.  I was surprised as we had expected a fight.  

Another two weeks go by.  Finally, they called to say it was ready for pick up.  Hubby drives the car home and realizes that the entire dashboard had been changed along with many internal parts.  The car never ran better.  We were actually going to get rid of it, but now it is like brand new! 

                                  What would you have done?

Grocery theft

I was loading my groceries from the cart into my car in the Costco parking lot.  It was taking some time as there were a lot of them.  I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a man was loading MY groceries into HIS car.  He was bigger than me and I had no idea what might happen when I approached him.

"HI,"  I said as I walked towards his car.  "I bet you did the same thing I do all the time without realizing you had the wrong cart."  I lied.

""  He stammered.

"Yes, YES!" I said as I walked to the side of his car and pointed to my groceries.  

"Oh...I don't know how those got in my car."  Come on -- did he honestly expect me to believe that?

How was your week? 

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