Friday, May 19, 2017

Do You Know One Key to Getting Through a Rough Day, Month, Year?

How do you deal with drama in your life?  Do you respond calmly and with patience?  Or do you fret and bite your nails not knowing what the outcome will be?

My hubby and I are in the middle of four major changes in our lives. Decisions have to be made. And there are some that are out of our control. There are days when it is difficult to stay focused and positive - not knowing which direction life will take. You hope for the best outcome and it certainly tries and tires your patience thermometer.  Some days you are up and optimistic and other days you wonder if you are going to make it if things don't work out. Sound familiar?

I am fortunate to have a husband who stays rational and even-keeled on the days I struggle and vice versa - it works both ways.

One of the best ways I suggest dealing with the pressures you may encounter in any given day is to remind yourself of all the good in your life.  When we voice what we are grateful for, it brings the needed balance.

Grateful for family

My daughter sent me this beautiful bouquet with my favorite color flowers -- purple! She is the kindest, most thoughtful person I know, always putting the needs of others above her own.  Love the poem she sent:
I am forever grateful for my precious grandbabies who bring smiles.....and hugs.....and kisses......and laughter.

My very own big muffin

Coconut right off the tree

Always stylin'

How do you cope with poor customer service?

I wanted to send my daughter a special bouquet for Mother's Day so I ordered it over a week in advance.  They promised delivery on May 10.  By May 12, I had to ask her if she received her special 'surprise' and she said "Nope."  I began my search mission which took numerous phone calls, a couple hours on 'hold' and could not get an answer.  Finally, I got a call on Saturday that the bouquet would be delivered on Mother's Day.  On Tuesday they called to say they ran out of flowers because of the busyness of Mother's Day.  They asked if it was O K to send it later in the week.

Did I lose it?  You bet I did -- but with DIGNITY :)  I am getting a refund, told them what I thought of their customer service and told my daughter I would be sending a picture of her flowers instead.

At least it was good for a laugh and she loved the picture -- next time I will try mailing them!!!

Watching the sunrise by the ocean brings tranquility

One of my highlights every couple weeks is to have a VERY early coffee on a Saturday morning with my dear friend.  We watch the sunrise and the activity on the ocean front as the ships come in.  The best part is watching the wildlife.  This morning we saw both a whale and a seal that swam back and forth.

Cherish the moments - we have no guarantee of tomorrow

Last week our dearest and closest friend lost his battle to cancer.  We have been friends for 35 years and watched our children grow up together.  It happened too quickly and he was taken too soon.  I am so happy for his family that each of his children and grandchildren had a chance to hug their dad and granddad when they said their good-byes, knowing that one day they will be together again.  It is that hope that helps get us through.

Doing the Fly on the Wall challenge is one of my favorites all month.  We get to share our own life and see what is happening with other bloggers we follow.  Hope you can take a few minutes to support these bloggers by having a look at what is going on behind their closed doors.  You may find someone you would like to connect with.......

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