Saturday, August 6, 2016

You Can Hang on to Hope, Even if it is Only by a Thread

Someday....but maybe not today, life will be easier.

Someday.....but maybe not today, I won't have to work so many jobs to try to make 'ends' meet.

Someday....but maybe not today, I won't cry every time I think of my son who left us four years ago.

Someday....but maybe not today, I won't think of my two grandsons who I have not seen in four years.

Someday....but maybe not today, I won't gasp a little when I walk into a room and see my husband holding his head in his hands because the pain is stronger than usual and unbearable.

Someday....but maybe not today, I will be able to go for a walk with my husband -- even a couple blocks would be awesome.

Someday....but maybe not today, I won't have to deal with the stress of running my husband's business and trying to keep it afloat until the economy turns around.

Someday....but maybe not today.

wishful thinking

For today....I will be grateful I still have more energy than many women half my age.

For today.....I will be thankful for a son who loved us for over 30 years.

For today....I will be thrilled to have held my two beautiful grandsons and loved on them for 2 years.

For today....I will continue to make my husband laugh.  To help him in any way I possibly can.

For today....I will remember all the years of hiking that hubby and I enjoyed together and never give up hope that he will be whole again.

For today....I will maintain as good an attitude as possible and not complain about the workload.

For today....I will count my blessings and thank God every single day for all the blessings He has given me.

For today....I will encourage someone.

For today....I will hug someone.

For today....I will tell someone to Never Ever Give Up Hope.

Hope is not wishful thinking.  Hope is hanging on to what you believe will happen - even if it means only by a thread.

Hope is LIFE.  Hope is TRUTH.  Hope is ETERNAL.

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