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World's Greatest Con Job - Does it Really Matter?

Do you care what is in your vitamins?  Do you think it matters? It matters enough that it could mean the difference between life and death.  I choose life -- what about you?

I know I would not be alive today if I had not done my research 40 years ago and switched to a safe brand.  I had been diagnosed with cancer and turned to nutrition for help.

This is week five of my series on how we are being conned by numerous vitamin and pharmaceutical companies that claim their products are the best; the safest.   Don't be easily fooled.  There are a few simple questions you can ask about your brand to determine if you are being conned.  This is the purpose of these posts.  I recommend you start with Week One to get the full picture.

Week One:  Are your vitamins synthetic, natural altered or natural unaltered?  Click here.

Week Two:  Does your brand produce vitamins with the life factor intact?  Or are they over processed and of little value?  Click here

Week Three:  Does the company produce any products on the Dirty Dozen list?  Click here.

Week Four:  The nitty-gritty on how your nutrients get into your bloodstream, where they can work for you.  Click here.

1.What is the difference between Kosher and Certified Organic and why should you care? Kosher requirements are far more stringent than Certified Organic.  Isn't your body worth the best?  Without getting technical about the differences, here are a couple basic reasons to use Kosher vitamins.
kosher vitamins

The raw product is only as good as the soil it grows on and any organic farmer will vouch to that. Organic food has been cultivated and/or processed without the use of any chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, additives, and artificial colorings.  However, an organic growing field can be affected by surrounding non-organic ones.  Even aerial contamination of plants in an organic farm is possible.

Kosher takes it a very important step further.  Both the field and the manufacturing facility must be spot tested SEVEN times a year for contamination.  Then, the soil must be rested every seven years for two years so the nutrients can be replenished.     

You should be assured that the company you buy your products from is testing for at least 400 different pesticides/chemicals.

2.  Are the health and nutrient claims based on anecdotal information or on scientific data? When I am asked to check out a client's products they are taking, I am continually amazed when I go to the company's website, there is no shortage of claims and testimonials but little, if any, scientific data. Testimonials carry little weight.  Look for the scientific proof.  If it is not there - RUN AWAY.
synthetic vs natural

3.  Is your product stable?  To protect delicate enzymes and confirm product stability, temperature controls need to be monitored - produced at no more than 55 degrees C or 131 degrees F.  Otherwise, the live enzymes are destroyed rendering the vitamin of little value.
Vitamins must be alive to work

An example:  Acidophilus and Bifidus are highly promoted.  BUT according to one university study showing the actual amount of active bacteria found when microflora products were randomly selected and tested off the store shelf is shocking.

The label claimed the following numbers AT TIME OF MANUFACTURE.  This means NOTHING to the body if the product is dead when it is consumed.  The body will only benefit from the flora that is delivered to the intestines - not in the bottle.

Label claim and actual  microanalysis results:

  • Brand 1:  2 billion         NONE
  • Brand 2:  100 million     1,500 
  • Brand 3:  250 billion     30 million
  • Brand 4:  1million         NONE
  • Brand 5:  500 million    500 million which guarantees delivery to the gut
The person, company or website should be able to answer these questions. If they don't -- RUN until you find one who will.

I have been a health coach for close to 35 years and I am amazed at least once a week by someone saying they know their products are safe, pure and reliable.  When I ask them why - here are some of their answers:

"My doctor recommended them."
"The advertising says they are ...... they surely can't lie."
"They are a very popular brand."
"I trust my pharmacist."

My next question goes something like this:

"If they are working for you, why do you have so many negative symptoms, i.e. lifeless hair, aches and pains, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia?"

The sad part is that many people are convinced that our depleted soil can somehow magically produce the nutrients we need in the food we eat.  Even more depressing is when we don't bother to find  products that meet the criteria our body requires for health.

Have you ever tested your vitamins?

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