Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rescue Dogs Make the Best Pets

Show dog mini Dachshund named Star

My name is Star.  I am a long-haired 
mini Dachshund.  I was adopted by 
Carol  six months ago. 

I will try to paint you my story in 
words to the best of my ability.

It is hard to believe or understand why Mom had to jump through so many hoops to adopt us.  Finally after being awarded custody, her 14 HOUR journey to pick us up was hilarious. 
You can read about that here.

I have learned what heaven must be like since meeting my new parents.  I know they don't understand dog language, but they understand the language of dogs.  I do the best I can to tell them how grateful I am and try to show them what my life used to be like.  I was abused and neglected.  I moved into my new home with my "husband" Gunner. Mom and Dad are not sure if we are brother and sister, husband and wife or father and daughter.  I assure you we are husband and wife.  He is the father of my babies I had years ago.  

Gunner is a bit tougher than I am, but he has a heart of gold.  He washes my face every single day and makes sure to protect me from strangers.  He is also a long-haired doxie and I love him to bits.  He is ten years old and I am six.
Gunner mini Dachshund

I know  Mom and Dad would never hurt me, but I still run and hide when they want to pick me up.  I don't know why except old habits die hard and I am trying to be more trusting.  I was a show dog and although I am extremely beautiful and sweet, if I didn't perform correctly, I would be beaten.  Gunner would bite those who tried to hurt me and then he would get kicked until he was black and blue.
Fear is common in rescue dogs
I don't have to hide anymore
For about a month now, Gunner is feeling secure enough that he will let Mom rub his belly with her foot. He is such a gentle soul.  

I am Mom's shadow.  I never let her out of my sight and humans laugh at that.  I don't get it.  I love her and want to be near her - what's not to get?

Every evening when I sit on the couch with Mom, I snuggle up to Dad and stare at him about an inch from his face.  He laughs every time.  I do that because I am so shocked that a human man can be so gentle and I am trying to show him my gratitude and love.
Rescue dogs are loyal and protective of their humans
Me and my daddy
Gunner and I sleep in a great big, very plush and cushy bed.  We used to sleep anywhere we could find a clean spot and didn't have any blankets or cushions.  As much as I love snuggling with Gunner in my bed, I am Mom's alarm clock.  Every morning I wake up at 5 A.M. and whimper just loud enough for her to wake up.  She gets up and we snuggle. Gunner is lazier than me so we let him sleep until Dad gets up.  Those morning times are for me and Mommy only.

Heavenly bed for rescue dogs

You cannot begin to imagine what it is like to no longer live in fear and trembling.  Many times we were not fed.  When we moved in here, we were skin and bones. Mom and Dad changed our food to raw meat and vegetables and I kid you not -- it is most definitely heavenly.  I didn't know food could taste this good.

Mom and Dad call me Princess Star because of the way I hold my head and strut around the house like I own the place.  What they don't realize is that, as a show dog, I was trained to walk like that.

Both Gunner and I are healthy and happy.  When we moved in, we met our stepsister, Mercedez.  Many of you know her and grew to love her in my mom's stories about her life and antics.  We both instantly loved her.  She was so gentle and welcoming. She died last month. I spent days washing tears off of Mom and Dad's faces.  I understand their pain - honest.

Mom told me they were taking Mercedez to Totem Lodge the day she left us.  Totem Lodge is a rest home for old people, but I knew better.  I could tell when Dad had to carry her out the door that she was not coming back.  Here is her touching story of that fateful day.  When you read it you will understand why we love these people so much.  

Do you know any people who rescue dogs?  They are a special breed!

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