Thursday, April 16, 2015

Does the 'What Could Have Happened' Scare You?

I love the monthly Fly on The Wall posts.   Each blogger shares what has happened around their home in the past month.  You can share a funny, sad or unusual occurrence that isn't long enough to warrant a full post.  It is a way to stay in touch with fellow bloggers to see what happened in their lives the past month.  If you haven't considered it already, please think about joining us and share the fun. 

A couple weeks ago I woke up earlier than usual but decided to get up and start my day. It was MEANT to be because if I had not, I shudder to think what might have happened to my black Lab, Mercedez.

The timing was impeccable.  Mercedez sleeps on a large bed on the floor next to ours.  She is 15 years old and her bladder isn't what it used to be so she usually needs to go outside around 5 A.M.  I let her outside and closed the bedroom door so my hubby could sleep undisturbed.  

Within seconds I heard a terrible crying, groaning sound coming from the bedroom.  I bolted into the room and saw my husband lying on Mercedez bed with his legs up in the air and the comforter wrapped around his feet.  He was almost screaming and I could not understand what he was saying.

APPARENTLY, he was running away from the rattlesnake that was attacking him.  In his dream, he reached his hand into a small cave in a rock and there was a coiled rattler ready to pounce.  The only thing to do was to jump backwards and that is precisely what he did. He pole vaulted himself right out of bed onto his back. If Mercedez had been there, she would have been crushed.

Not knowing if he was hurt, I wanted to laugh out loud but restrained myself.  I guarantee you he will never live this one down.

Speaking of dogs....

I promised to keep you posted about our two new rescues, Star and Gunner.  We lost our beloved Texas (18 year old long-haired Dachshund) last Christmas.  In February we got Star and Gunner, also long-haired Dachshunds.  Gunner is nine and Star is six years old.

When we got them they were very sad, not house broken and terrified.  You can read that heart-warming but funny story here.  I suspected it would take a year before they were content but it only took a few minutes. They knew from the first moment they were safe and would be loved.  

And, just like all Doxies, they now run the household.  Their personalities are polar opposites.  Star struts around like a princess (yes, they are potty trained outside now!) and will not leave my side for one second. Where I go, she goes.  She is a show quality dog and she knows it.  She is definitely a Type A personality - my match!  Her attitude is "Gosh, I wonder if everything is okay.  Did I forget something?  What should I do next?"


I'm as pretty as I am happy
Here's the exciting part -- last week she started SMILING and she smiles every day now. I don't think she could get any happier.

Gunner, nine years old, is as laid back as any dog could be. Nothing bothers him.  He is our new vacuum cleaner and loves to be in the kitchen.....just in case.  He walks like a duck but not too fast.  His attitude is "Don't rush me, I'll get there when I get there.  Anything in this house to eat?"  He has attached himself to hubby and is glued to his lap.

Don't bother calling me.....I'm headed the other way

New Book Published

Several months ago, one of my blog posts was noticed by the publishers at  They asked if I would be interested in having my story published in their upcoming best seller  I Am Here: The Untold Stories of Everyday People .   After doing a somersault I calmly replied, "Yes, of course."  

This book is a collection of true, funny, heart-wrenching and inspiring stories.  It has the same format as Chicken Soup for the Soul, but edgier. 

FREE for 1 more day

For the next three days, you can download this book for free and then read it at your leisure.  I think you'll like it as all of us bloggers love stories!  And these are all true.

Buzz around and have a peek into some other homes here.  I know you'll get some good laughs


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