Wednesday, April 15, 2015

8 Things To Never Do On Your Blog

Each of us is entitled to our own opinions and these are mine regarding blogging.  There are certain things we do as bloggers that turn off many readers. Incorporating them into our blogs are small changes that can make a big difference in keeping our followers returning .... or not. I believe there are some things we should never do to maintain that interest.

@BatteredHope   blogging

#8 -- Never make your post one C O N T I N U O U S story.  Your post is NOT a book.  I want you to grab my attention with captions, photos, or anything creative that will keep me interested.   Even occasional bold lettering keeps me on track.

  -- Never make your blog so busy with as many 'cool' things on your side bar as possible.  Putting your awards, badges and advertising there can deter from your actual post. The busier it is, the less people will see the 'meat' of your post.

#6 -- Never forget to put your name on your blog.  Sometimes, I go to Facebook or Twitter or an About Me page and still not find an actual NAME.  I want to know who is writing the blog.
@BatteredHope  Don'ts of Blogging

#5 --Never use tiny fonts.  This will help eliminate anyone past the age of accountability to read it without having to squint.

#4 -- Never center your entire blog post.  This makes it almost impossible
 to read consistently.  Your eyes are always trying to find where the next line begins and ends.

#3 -- Never use stark white lettering on black background.  This may look great but difficult to read without getting a headache.

 -- Never make your paragraphs unending or use run-on sentences. 

And the best (or worst) for last .................

#1 -- Never fail to respond to comments.  Don't ignore people who actually took the time to read your post and comment on it.  I realize there are people who write for the sake of writing or therapy but blogging is also a form of communication.

Communication only works when you connect. Otherwise you are talking to yourself and we all know how dangerous that can be.  If someone actually takes the time to speak to you in your comment box, then have the decency to respond.  Not doing that is nothing short of rude.
@BatteredHope  Don'ts of Blogging

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