Thursday, March 5, 2015

What 4 Things Do You Need To Live?

We have all been asked the question "What could you never live without?"  Sometimes we answer by listing those we love or some of our possessions that are very dear to us; i.e. family photos.  I think that is a given - when we lose someone we love, we feel like we do not want to live anymore.  I thought I would take a bit of a different twist here.

Each month I participate in a word challenge given four to six unrelated words to use in a story.  This month's words threw me for a loop.  How could I possibly write a story using those words?  And then it hit me, and I turned it into a post about four things I could not live without.  My words were candid, bestow, handiwork and delicious.  See what I mean?

@BatteredHope What could you live without?

1)  The respect, the love and the support that has been bestowed on me by friends, family and fellow bloggers.  As a result of blogging, I have met, and will continue to meet on a daily basis, people from every corner of the globe.  There is no shortage of friends in this community.  People working next to you may have no idea what you are going through if you have had a rough day.  But ask for a virtual hug and the hugs start pouring in from everywhere.  Even people you never met before.  If only the 'real' world were like that.

2)  God's handiwork.   If you ever wonder if you matter or if anyone cares, all you have to do is look around you.  Did you know that there are over four septillion stars in the sky?  To help you understand how many that is I'll break it down this way:  There are approximately 500,000 words in the English dictionary.  It would take eighty quadrillion books of that size to list the names of the stars.  God knows each star's name; and if he knows their names, rest assured He knows yours.

3)  My candid camera.  My phone is never too far away to catch a shot of my grandson or dogs or something strange or funny.  Who knows, maybe someday one of my pictures could go viral.  Yet the true candid camera is my eye -- often capturing the unbelievable. 

4)  Delicious food.  The other day a chef friend of mine looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I will never be skinny. I love rich food and desserts far too much."   I had to agree. How many of you can relate to that?

Would you please share the four things you could never live without?

My words this month were submitted to me by Eileen's Perpetually Busy.This has been a writing challenge.  Participating bloggers pick six words or phrases for someone else to craft into a post.  You can write a fiction or true story with your words.  The challenge is that all the words must be used at least once and no one knows how your words will be used until they are published.  Take a look at how the other bloggers used their words.

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