Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unconditional Love From 6 Sensational Friends You Might Know!

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall and see what goes on in a friend's or anyone's home?  Doing the Fly On The Wall posts each month is a great way to recap and keep a journal.  Looking over everything that happened this past month is nothing short of wonderful!

In the past three months we have lost three dogs in our family; Dakota, Willow and Texas.   If you missed these heartwarming stories, you can read them here.    This month, I am pleased to announce, we have three more!  I have already introduced you to Nayla, the Husky who is a companion to my son-in-law on his worksite.
Unconditional Love from Rescue Dogs

Last month many of you were keeping your fingers crossed in hopes that we would be able to adopt the two long-haired Miniature Dachshunds that had been abused.  I shared the hoops we had to go through and then the harrowing story of the day that I actually picked them up.  You certainly will enjoy reading that here.    Here are these two precious little waifs, who at six and nine years old are not yet house-broken (due to the abuse and neglect issues).  The pretty little princess is Star and her partner (husband? brother? father?) is Gunner.  They have to be the sweetest dogs ever - well, almost!

@BatteredHope Rescue Dachshund from abuse and neglect
Every night when I run my bath, Star jumps into the bottom of the towel rack and waits for me. She won't let me out of her sight for ONE minute.  Trying not to step on her; she is still so scared and worried.

Every moment I am in my office, they are both curled up in a little bed made for ONE.  We are getting to know them and vice-versa.  What fun.

@BatteredHope Rescue Dachshunds from abuse and neglect

Meeting On-line Friends For The First Time In Real Life

Remember the two blogger buddies I was planning on meeting in person - both in the same day?  It was exciting, stimulating, emotional and so warm and fuzzy.  One is Diane Bjorling.   I shared her story here on how she held my hand, slapped me around and taught me the world of blogging.  She is one woman all of you should meet and follow.  Her thought-provoking views on life, her expertise in social media and her caring personality are only a few reasons why.

The wild HEAVY contraption she is wearing on her head is a halo to protect her from falling apart, literally.  It is SCREWED into her head. She was in a near-fatal (she died twice at the scene) car crash last November.  When I visited her, who was she concerned about?  Yup - that's right.  She wanted to know what she could do for me.

Later that day I met Elly Stornebrink.  Many of you will recognize her from our Blog-A-Rhythm blogging group.  We shared some great laughs.  She is a woman of insight and passionate about various causes.  What a delight to spend a couple of hours getting to know her.  I know this is a beginning of a great friendship.

On that incredible trip to pick up my new pups, I was thrilled to connect with yet another on-line friend.  She was the first friend I made in social media.  We connected because our memoirs were published the same month last year and have phenomenal similarities.  We felt like we had known each other forever - like sisters.  Her book is How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. by K C Hutter.  

Does Longevity Run In Your Family?

My Uncle Charlie died this month.  He turned 100 last September.  I have not seen him for many years but remember that he was always laughing.  He didn't have an easy life but maintained a great attitude always finding something to laugh about.  Laughter indeed is the best medicine for a long life.

And Here Is Your Laugh For The Day.....

My grandson's favorite song is.........Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk.  Big bucks to anyone who can understand the words -- but it doesn't really matter because it is the emotion (especially at the end) that will make you smile.  

In Case You Missed Them...
Two posts from this past month stirred up emotion.  The first one is a humorous (and pathetic) look at what the cops told us to do to protect ourselves during a home invasion.  Although funny, it is unfortunately true and unbelievable!  So THIS Is How To Protect Yourself During a Home Invasion

AND.... here I asked if you would be able to befriend the mother of a man who tried to destroy you?  Your comments were varied and sincerely appreciated.  Could You Befriend The Mother Of Someone Who Tried To Destroy You?

In The Spotlight!

I was excited, elated, thrilled and surprised to have one of my true-life experiences chosen to be in an upcoming best seller, I Am Here, Untold Stories Of Everyday People.  It will be released in April and will be free for thirty days -- I will keep you posted!

Last Sunday I was put in the spotlight on We Love Memoirs for the entire day.  People from around the world were permitted to ask me anything they wanted to, as intimate as they wanted to be.  It was eleven hours of intense questioning that did, most definitely, put me in the hot seat!  I never experienced anything like it before and looking forward to probing other authors.  It occurs every Sunday and you are welcome to join in - two people win a copy of the contributing author's book each week.  

That's it for this month.  I hope you consider joining us so that we can be a Fly On The Wall in your house.  We are a group of bloggers sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on in our lives.

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