Friday, January 16, 2015

Do You Believe In Fate?

I heard something.  I stopped cold in my tracks.  Was I being followed?  A shiver crept up my spine.  I took another step and heard it again.  What was that?  It sounded like a whimper but was ever so faint, perhaps it was being muffled.  

The fresh morning snow was forming a blanket covering the brown soil and debris on the forest floor.  The season's first snow fall always reminded me of new beginnings.  I wanted to walk in the quietness of the early morning before anything could disturb my thoughts.  I loved making new tracks in the snow where nothing had been before.  

Today I was reminiscing.  My husband and I lost our beloved dog to old age last week. I wanted to be alone to think about the good times, the many laughs and the unconditional love our little guy gave us.  He lived a full healthy life to the tough old age of 18 years, which is 126 years in human terms.   

There it was again.  Do I follow the noise?  What if it was a bobcat?  Or a baby wolf?  I had seen both on my walks through these woods.  I used to bring my dogs here two to three times a week for a romp through the forest.  They loved the exercise and all the new scents to follow.  I delighted in watching them.  Yet, as they grew older, our visits to these woods diminished and eventually stopped.  The last time I brought them here I saw three large wolves cross my path.  They were quite a distance ahead but I could not risk it. These dogs were old and I wasn't any spring chicken.  Running away from a pack of wolves was not my idea of a good time.  So, we stopped going to the woods.  

Mercedez and Texas didn't seem to mind.  They slept and cuddled more.  Their days of youth were long gone and curling up by the fire was just as exciting as the romps through the woods used to be.  Texas would line his three balls up next to him on his bed and go to sleep.  Since his passing, Hubby has not allowed me to put these balls away.  I tried and he brought them back to the sofa, lining them up like Texas used to do.  I know this is important to him; and as much as I hate them there reminding me of our loss, I believe it is part of the grieving process for my husband.  Read Texas heartwarming Obituary by clicking here.  

I wondered if I had made a mistake coming here alone today.  No one knew I was here.  I left before my husband was awake. But, when I woke up to the snow falling, I knew I had to go to the woods.  My coffee mug was warm in my hands and the beauty around me made me warm inside as well.

The noise was louder now.  If I didn't attempt to find out what it was I would never be satisfied.  Taking one deliberate step at a time, I realized the snow crunching beneath my feet was much louder than when I left an hour ago.   

There!  There it is!  It was a cry.  A cry for help.  I dropped my mug and as carefully as possible stepped over the briers hoping my gloves and boots would protect me from the thorns on the blackberry bushes.  

Couldn't believe my eyes - impossible....

Then I saw it.  It was a pillowcase that had been tied shut with string.  Dare I open it? What if it was a rabid animal?  I didn't know what to expect and hoped it would not be a wild time of rescue for whatever was in that sack.

My maternal instinct took over.  I knew this little creature had been placed here by the hands of a cruel human.  It was in a dirty pillowcase which indicated to me that it was unwanted and left to die.  

I started to untie the string and the whimpering stopped.  I guessed that this baby was as terrified as I was feeling.  As slowly and carefully as I could, I spread the opening just far enough to see inside.  I had been crouching to avoid putting my knees into the wet snow; but when I saw what was inside, I fell sideways.  

Our eyes met and it was instant love.  Shivering and cold as an Eskimo was an itty bitty puppy.  Someone threw him into the trash.  I quickly opened my jacket and put him inside. Brushing the snow off my legs and arms, grabbing my coffee mug I began running home. I put the coffee mug inside my jacket which created extra warmth for this little peanut.  

My thoughts were racing now.  What if I had not gone for a walk this morning?  How long could this little guy have survived?  My anger coupled with my new mission created an adrenalin rush.  

I began to cry.  I could hardly contain my joy in finding this little bundle and imaging the excitement when I would present him to my husband.  This was meant to happen - no one would be able to convince me otherwise.  Do you agree?

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