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Why Doesn't The Government Reimburse Us For Wasting Our Time? Fly On The Wall

I paid a bill to the government.  A month later I received a nasty letter from them that they were fining me for not paying on time and if it was not paid, well, you know.  THREATS.

I called the toll-free number -- you know the one -- you have to go through a dozen prompts and finally get to speak to a person.  Then that person transfers you to another person and over the course of two days and about four hours of my time, they admitted they put in the wrong code.  Do they apologize?  No, somehow they can make you feel that it was your fault and you are very lucky they figured out the problem and corrected it for you.

What do you do when the meal you receive is sub-standard?

Have you ever gone out for dinner and been thoroughly disappointed with your order?  Do you say something?  Do you ask for a replacement?  Or do you accept it and not complain?  

My husband and I took a client out for dinner.  The client and I each ordered the New York Steak.  As the waitress was placing my order in front of me, I knew it was not a New York cut, before she even put the plate down.  I said, "Sorry, but that is not a New York steak." She assured me it was and said she would be right back.  Our client looked at his steak and had a disgusted look on his face.  I asked him if he was going to return it and he shrugged his shoulders.  I knew he did not want to but I was HOPING he would back me up.

Before the waitress returned, I cut into the steak and it was like cutting into shoe leather.  It even curled up at one end - UGH!  When the waitress came back she said, "The chef guarantees it to be a New York cut."  Considering that my husband grew up on a cattle ranch I didn't have the slightest doubt.   He took one look at it and said "If that is a New York steak, I'll eat my shorts."

I responded to the waitress with, "I'm sorry but the chef is mistaken and was sold sirloin, not New York."  I looked up at our client who still appeared upset as he handed his plate to her as well.  YES!  He agreed with me.  I wasn't alone.  We ordered fish.  When we got our computer printed bill it said "She insisted it was sirloin."  It was a good laugh -- hate to make waves but it was not edible!
A Child's Perspective

My daughter left three-year-old William in the car to watch her as she got the hay out of the barn to feed the sheep and goats their evening meal.  While she was giving them their dinner, she heard screaming from the car.  Running back to the car she saw William had stuck his head out the window with his tongue hanging out and yelling, "Thank you God, for the ice cream."  It had just started snowing and he had not seen snow before.

Living in the Great North West we get heavy, wet snow that can cause a lot of problems, especially on the highways.  It usually makes treacherous driving conditions.  But this small child saw it completely differently.  He thought it was ice cream and was delighted.  Sometimes we need to look at life with a different perspective than what we are accustomed to -- sometimes we need to look at life as a child does.

A Different Kind Of Dear Santa Letter

Rochelle:  Your teacher wants you to write a letter to Santa and take it to school tomorrow.

William: (Just turned three)  K Mommy

Rochelle:  Dear Santa:

William:  I nice boy  (This is, of course, the most important point in the letter.  If he wants to be on Santa's list, he has to be a nice and not a naughty boy!)

William:  I William (It is extremely necessary that Santa knows who is writing the letter!)

Rochelle:  What would you like to ask Santa for Christmas?

William:  Minute Mommy.  (He was very quiet and was obviously thinking intently about what to ask for as it took him seven minutes before he answered)

A black Diesel Choo-Choo!  (He has many Thomas the Train Choo-Choos and knows them all by name and color.)

Rochelle:  (Thinking to herself -- Phew, that's easy!)  Out loud she asks, "Is there anything else you want to add to your letter?"

You're cute Santa.  (Did he figure out how important flattery is at his young age?  Or was he being honest?  I prefer to think the later as this Mrs. Claus thinks Santa is pretty cute as well!)

William:  Bye Now

The True Meaning of Christmas
Later as Rochelle was explaining to William why we celebrate Christmas, he looked at her with eyes big, clapping his hands in pure delight!  "It's so nice that WE get presents on Jesus' birthday."  Have you ever thought of it that way?  It takes child-like thinking to see the beauty in the celebration of Christmas.

If you thought the Government was bad......

My brother was having an issue with his internet provider and didn't have the computer savvy to figure out why he was not longer able to send or receive emails.  Although he is 3,000 miles away, I said I would try to help him - long-distance.  It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I was at work.  There was a huge storm raging outside with hurricane force winds and very little traffic on the streets.  I knew no one would be coming into the store so I called the company on his behalf.  By 6 P.M. the agent informed me that it was finally working.  She was the fourth agent I had spoken with and I was thrilled to be able to go home.  I asked her, "Let's try sending a test email, just to be sure."  

When I did not receive the email we realized that the first agent I had spoken with changed the email address without my permission.  Not only were we back to square one -- it was worse than that.  We had not lost the email address my brother used for his business for the past couple decades.

The agent promised that she would get me to the right supervisor and would have it corrected quickly.  After another thirty minutes on hold, someone who had the authority to solve this problem was on the line.  She said she was going to put me on hold for 'just a minute' while she got another supervisor to do the override.  I specifically asked her if she had my phone number "Just in case we get disconnected."  

She assured me she did and she would be just a moment.  I waited on hold for forty more minutes and then heard that terrible, low-pitched hum -- the one where you realize you have been disconnected.  Was I concerned?  Of course not.  She had my call back number.  I waited until almost 9 P.M. and decided to go home, fight the driving rain and winds.  I was frustrated, tired and hungry.  

I knew that my brother would be asleep in his part of the country so could not tell him until the next day that we were farther behind than when we started.  I was not able to call them back for three days and after giving them a controlled piece of my mind, I was connected with a supervisor who got it up an running in a matter of minutes.  What were these other morons doing?  Why are they paid wages to screw up so badly?  Why do we have to spend SEVEN HOURS and get no where?  And finally, why wouldn't they have the courtesy to call back when they said they would.  I specifically have left out the name of this provider but I bet some of you would be able to guess which one it was.

Thrilling news!

I have been approached by the owner of a large radio station in Texas to have a weekly thirty minute show.  He read my book and followed my blog and knew I would be able to bring inspiring, motivating and encouraging content to a show.  He said that if it goes well, he will give me a full hour.  I am ecstatic and scared.  Although I have done a lot of public speaking, this is totally different.

I am asking each of you, my readers whom I appreciate so much, for input, ideas and thoughts.  I am also planning on interviewing many of my fellow bloggers who have inspired and encouraged me over the past several months.  The show will be aired every Saturday morning, 8:30 PST and is entitled -- Never...Ever...Give Up Hope.  I 'hope' you can listen in.  I will be posting the podcasts on my blog.

Have a wonderful Christmas.  I look forward to following more of you in the New Year and appreciate each and everyone who has read my blog, commented on my blog or just stopped by to say Hi. 

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