Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You Matter -- Yes, YOU!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  We all matter.  Each and everyone of us.  We even matter to people we have not, nor ever will, physically meet.  We matter.  You matter.  No 'matter' what you may think, you influence people.  People watch you.  People learn from you.  People are inspired by you.  You matter.

Yesterday was my birthday -- I wrote a post about a special birthday gift here, which I received almost sixty years ago, but never forgot.  A couple weeks ago I wrote one about birthday celebrations and some readers were slightly upset by it.  I shared how I never understood the 'commercialism' around birthdays.  I have always felt that it was more important to be spontaneous in our celebrations of our family and friends.  I have known many people (especially the elderly) who never hear from their family members until their birthdays.  Then, out of obligation, they get a card or a gift.  My point was - why don't we do that on any given day and celebrate their life or friendship or.......just BECAUSE.

Yesterday, many people called or emailed me to ask what special gift I got, indicating that they have made it very clear to their significant other what they wanted for their birthday.  We own two jewelry stores and this happens often.  Women, in particular, will come in to pick something out that they want their husband to buy for their birthday.  God help the man if he makes a mistake in his choice. 

Surely, I digress from my original statement.  The lesson I learned yesterday was warm and fuzzy.  I woke up to MANY birthday wishes from my fellow bloggers at Write Tribe.  This was followed by dozens of well wishes from followers on Linkedin.  I was completely blown away.  People actually took the time to send their greetings to someone they never met.  Someone they barely knew.  But, obviously someone who matters to them.

I take my friendships very seriously and appreciate each of them.  Now, through social media, I have gained more friendships and relationships that I could have ever hoped to have.  I share things with my on-line friends that I could never share with those I see daily.  It is a wonderful place to be -- knowing that people love, respect and appreciate someone they have not sat across the table from or enjoyed a cup of coffee together.

So THANK YOU -- all of you who made my birthday special.  And don't forget YOU MATTER.  And YOU matter to me.

Drop me a line, ask a question, connect with me -- who knows we could become 'bestest' friends.

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