Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Sum It Up - Get Out The Kleenex

We get busy.  It happens.  Sometimes we miss reading posts from our favorite bloggers. Here are my posts from last week -- Get out the Kleenex!  So................Let's Sum It Up!

For those of you that may have missed them, hopefully you will have a chance to take a peek and comment.  I LOVE your comments and always respond within twenty-four hours.  That's how friendships are formed, right?

Starting with..... Sometimes We Battle Stress By Bragging A Little  Last month, on a few days, I didn't think things could get worse and then we got news of the fire.  Each of us go through rough times and by appreciating the good things, it makes a huge difference in how we cope.

Were you born with it?     Do you believe you are born a sales person or is it learned?  No matter what we do in life, we are selling our selves.  Here is a funny story on one way to sell.

My dear friend recently shared her story about an encounter with Bill Cosby.  I had no idea.
 An Apology - Bill Cosby

Rounding out the week is
 The Best Gift....Ever   A gift I will never forget that did not cost a dime!   GET OUT THE KLEENEX

There you have it -- thank you for visiting and PLEASE leave comments.  

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