Friday, November 21, 2014

Sometimes We Battle the Stress By Bragging A Little

William turned three in October and this is one Grandmom who has never experienced the terrible twos. My children didn't go through them and neither has William. Why am I bragging? Because I am proud. Incredibly proud at how Thomas and Rochelle are raising this little grandson. When Rochelle shares some of the parenting skills they use, I am impressed and grateful for the job they are doing.  It makes me wonder why more parents don't take this rewarding road.

Consequently, William is a funny, happy, content, well-behaved, polite little boy and never exhausting in any respect.

ENOUGH bragging -- now a couple funny stories.   William flunked swimming class.  There are four little three-year-olds in the class.  Two boys, two girls.  William cheats.  In order to pass the class he had to be able to hold his head under water and catch the bubbles he blew.  He figured out an easier way -- blow the bubbles on top of the water and catch them with your feet.  Do you think he maybe wanted to stay in this particular class?  He really likes the teacher!

What's a Gentleman?

The other night, Rochelle explained to him what it is to be a gentleman.  "A WHAT, mom?"

She explained to William, "A gentleman is always polite to people and opens the doors for girls and lets them go first." He thought about that and the next day at swimming class, he walked to the edge of the pool area, asked a little girl for her hand and led her to the pool and told her to get in first. Then he walked back and got the second little girl. Personally I was glad he didn't give them a little push to be sure they got in first!

If only they allowed cameras in the pool area because the look on the faces of these little girls' mothers was priceless. Everyone broke out in laughter (without allowing William to see it, of course).

Why is it stress seems to come in threes?

This past month has been an incredibly stressful month. Some days I counted the minutes until that day was over, expecting a new day to bring relief and resolution to the building tension.  Every one of us have had those days but we do get through them.  How we deal with them is what determines what we glean from them, what wisdom we gain.

In my business, I must encourage and motivate people every day.  How do you do that when you feel like someone just smacked you upside the head?  Through experience you learn to find the bright side, no matter how dim it may be, and to focus on that.  Find something to laugh about -- healing comes through laughter.

Somebody Out There Loves You!

TOTALLY UNEXPECTED, a fellow blogger, Shilpa Gupte emailed me to check out her latest blog post.  She said she mentioned me.  I was shocked when I read her kind words.  We never know who we affect and how we affect them -- but if we can make a positive impression on someone -- it makes all the stress worthwhile.  Her blog is here and this is what she said:

Carol Graham: Carol, you amaze me with your zest for life.  You are a shining example to youngsters the world over! The number of activities that keep you on your toes, and your writing, have not been able to bog you down. Had I been in your place, I would have given up by now! Reading your posts motivates me and instills in me the confidence that if I take it to heart, I can achieve the goals I aim for.  Although, there are times when I get all lazy or nervous, but then I simply have to read your post and I can feel the confidence creeping back! I have found a wonderful friend in you, Carol. You have that knack in you that makes people open up to you in spite of never having met you. That is such a fine quality you possess! God bless you, my dear. May you have a wonderful, fulfilling life ahead. And, may some of your enthusiasm rub off on me! I am in dire need of it, Carol!

How Did Kids Get So Sensitive?

When William started pre-school this fall, he learned some new songs.  He wanted to call Gramma and sing the songs to her but when he called, he forgot the words.  "Can you sing the song for Gramma?"

"No, I'm broken."

"Please sing, Gramma would love to hear them."

"No, I'm broken."  I didn't know what he meant by that and Rochelle explained that he forgot -- his brain was broken - it wasn't working.

Sometimes we are broken as well.  We forget to sing.  We forget to laugh.  Sometimes, we need to admit that we need help to remember the song.  To remember the joy.  To remember the laughter and know that tomorrow will be another day.

Rochelle and William were in a public place recently. William was playing with another child and Rochelle was sitting elsewhere in the room.  Rochelle looked sad.  William glanced over and realized his mom needed him.  He ran to her, put his little arm around her neck and began to sing to her, "Jesus loves you."  Need I say more?  Teaching our children to comfort, encourage and show concern will reward us in ways beyond our expectations.

Just When You Think It Couldn't Get Worse......

We closed one of our businesses recently and had the entire store's fixtures, furniture, equipment, well....everything stored at a friend's garage.  On a Saturday evening a couple weeks ago, our friend went out for the evening and her teenage daughter was asleep when she left.  Only an hour and a half later she returned, watching her home go up in flames - but her daughter (and two dogs) safe.  The fire wiped out the basement, the garage and of course, our 'store.'  

The last thing we were concerned about was what we lost. We rejoiced that our friend and her family were unharmed but saddened for their loss.

We never know what a new day brings.  We have no guarantees.  In a post I wrote this past month, I shared how there is always a CALM after a storm.  And, more importantly, sometimes a rainbow. We make the choice of what we focus on -- the storm or the rainbow.

What are you focusing on?

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