Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let's Sum It Up

We get busy.  It happens.  Sometimes we miss reading posts from our favorite bloggers.  My friend and fellow blogger, Elly Stornebrink, had a great idea suggesting we share highlights from our blog posts for the past week.  So................Let's Sum It Up!

For those of you that may have missed them, hopefully you will have a chance to take a peek and comment.  I LOVE your comments and always respond within twenty-four hours.  That's how friendships are formed, right?

Sunday, November 1:  Let Me Drop Everything and Work On Your Problem   I loved this post, especially the coffee mug that said:

Monday, November 2:  Did You Ever Have A Day That Changed Your Life Forever?   
Yes, I was arrested and it changed my life forever!

Tuesday, November 3:  There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves     
This is a poem by James Kavanaugh that makes us think about the men in our lives.                                      

Wednesday, November 4:  What is your Favorite Holiday Memory?   This was a prompt by NaBloPoMo and just happened to fall on my birthday, TODAY.  I shared my bestest present ever.

Thursday, November 5:  You Matter...Yes, YOU!   You MATTER to people -- some of whom you will never meet in person! 
Friday, November 6:  The Calm AFTER The Storm.  This is a life lesson that we all need to remember and it will inspire you!

Saturday, November 7:  Get out the Kleenex!  My Dog Can Talk, Can Yours?  Many of you have grown to love my Lab, Mercedez.  But did you know she can talk?

There you have it -- please take a look, drop me a comment or two and if you haven't connected with me already, PLEASE do......YOU MATTER!

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