Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is 96 Too Young To Die?

I recently wrote a post stating   Take Time For Your Health Today So.......
You Will Have Health For Your Time Tomorrow.  I shared how I witness miracles almost every day -- what an incredible place to live.  You can read that post here.

Something happened today that I absolutely MUST share with you.  In fact, although it is a life and death situation it is quite humorous.  Yup - an honest to goodness miracle.

A woman who has been a client of mine close to three decades called to share this incredible story and asked me to tell the world.  She is 84 and her husband is 96.  She has been encouraging him for years to use one of our products that takes heavy metal out of the system.  It has the ability to even remove lead.  It has been around for 75 years so it certainly is no new gimmick or "miracle cure." Back to my client:  She was never able to convince her husband that he needed to keep his body free of metals so he was not a user.  Please remember, he is 96 - maybe a bit set in his ways!

It has been said
LIFE and DEATH are determined in the Bowel

About a month ago, he was put in intensive care due to a plugged lower intestine.  He was fed intravenously and after three weeks he was getting sicker and weaker.  The doctor said he was too old to survive surgery.  "You should prepare yourself, he won't last more than a few more days."

She brought in her bottle of "miracle lead remover" and asked the doctor if she could give him some. He laughed and told her it was garbage.  "Do you want to kill him?"

It was her turn to laugh "What difference would it make?" she asked.  The doctor told her there was no way she could administer that garbage under his care.

REMEMBER... He is 96!

"Then I will take him home to die, that is my right!"  Spunky little lady.

She took him home, got him comfortable and crushed one of the herbal pills for him to swallow.

Day Two:  She gave him two.

Day Three:  He asked for food and I won't tell you the obvious.

Day Eight:  He had dinner at the dining room table and then decided to help his wife move the furniture closer to the window where she wanted it.

When she called me today to share this story, I asked her if she shared what happened with her doctor.  I will let you guess how she answered me.  Not to be repeated here.

I see miracles EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.

Can you understand why I am so passionate about my job?

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