Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An Apology - Bill Cosby

I  AM  SO  SORRY.  I didn't want to believe you.  How could I believe that America's Number One Dad could be a monster?  I poo-pooed the blog posts I read.  I got angry at the women who were getting their 15 minutes of fame by talking to the media.  It was not possible.

One of the first exposures I had to this 'nonsense' was on Carol Cassara's post, Bad Behavior Writ Large.  I am an avid follower of Carol's daily posts.  I respect her but come on -- Bill COSBY? That post was written on my birthday and on my 42nd wedding anniversary, just three weeks later, it was confirmed how WRONG I had been.

My hubby and I were having a dinner party for our 42nd anniversary.  Every thing was ready.  BBQ'd baby back ribs, broasted buttery potatoes, cauliflower with cheese sauce, baked butter nut squash and a cantaloupe, red onion and feta cheese salad.  Dessert was my famous, award-winning apple pie and homemade ice cream.

A quick glance at my email in-box before guests arrived made me feel like someone had kicked me in the chest, HARD.  I was visibly shaken but pulled myself together for the party.  The guests had arrived and my hubby threw the ribs onto the BBQ for a last minute grilling.  He stepped into the living room to put on some appropriate music which only took a couple minutes.

Apparently the heat was too high on the grill and my beautiful ribs were beyond recovery.  I mean they were blacker than black.  He quickly slapped on some more sauce in hopes of salvaging them. When he brought in the platter his face was red.  With his sheepish smile, he held them out for us to see and we all burst out laughing.  Our VERY polite guests, said "No problem, we like our ribs charred!"

Although somewhat unbelievable, they were quite tasty.  A few pieces had to be recycled into the pit but it gave us some great laughs and dinner conversation of foods we had burned over the years.

Throughout the dinner, in the recesses of my mind, I couldn't shake the email I had read.  It was a blog post entitled I Didn't Go Alone  by my dear friend, Donna Tagliaferri.  She shared her horrendous experience with Bill Cosby Himself.  This left no room for doubt. Not only did she share her experience but also a glimpse into why women have waited so long before coming forward.

Please accept my apology, Carol, Donna and the countless other women who are now brave enough to share. Hopefully, it will bring some healing for them.

What about you -- did you have a hard time believing it as well?

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