Friday, September 19, 2014

Flattery? What's that?

Some tidbits to make you smile today

Flattery?  What's that?

What do you think of flattery?  Do you want to be with someone who constantly tells you how beautiful and intelligent you are?   Do you want that person to worship the ground you walk on?   I have known relationships like that and must admit, I am a bit envious.  Sometimes I will even work up the courage to ask my hubby, "What do you think?  Like it?"  The reply is usually an approving nod followed by "You look great!"  Why can't he just say that without me having to ask?

He loves my cooking and brags about it to other people so I am aware that he certainly can appreciate the finer things.  After forty plus years of marriage, I still love it when he notices something new or different  I admit it; it feels good.  

So, imagine my surprise the other day when, OUT OF THE BLUE, he looked at me and said,

"Know what I love about you?"   YEAH, here it comes.  I just knew it was going to be big.

"I love the fact that you don't try to look young."

WHAT?  That's it?  Do I look eighty?  What the heck do you mean not try to look young?
I pride myself that I try to dress young and I know I am immature enough to act like a kid sometimes.   All my friends are at least twenty years younger than me -- so what gives?

Dare I ask?  "What do you mean?"  

"I hate it when women 'your age' wear clothes that a teen-ager would wear, with skirts far too short.  But even worse, when they have skin that has become leather because of sun-worshiping in an attempt to looking younger.  Your skin is beautiful!"

"Oh....."  How this spoke to me is that he is a lot more observant than I give him credit for and he made me feel like a million bucks - well worth the wait.  Wonder what he will say the next time?

 A Two-year-old's logic

I spent more time than usual with my grandson this past month and the gems a soon-to-be three-year-old come up with are just that -- gems.

"Mommy, we are friends."  

"Yes, sweetie, we are friends."

"Mommy, I'm the best boy."

"Oh yes, you ARE the best boy ever."

Mommy, then we are best friends."

The logic is genius.
@BatteredHope At the beach with grandma

Saying good-bye to Willow, a special dog

Many of you will remember several of the dog stories I have shared over the past few months.  This past month we lost Willow.  If you haven't read how she was rescued from certain death and became a treasured member of our family, it is here.  She was special, but then, they all are.  We love them all and will miss them all, equally.  

@BatteredHope  Say good-bye to Willow, rescue dog

Quality and Quantity time with William

I was so blessed this month to spend nine days with my daughter and grand-son.  Taking a break from working in front of the computer was just what the doctor ordered for this blogger.  Spending time at the park and the beach was relaxing, rewarding and so much fun.

@BatteredHope  William at the beach

His eyes were closed but it made him feel important to check everything out through the binoculars

@BatteredHope  At the beach and park with William
  I think I used to drive one of these!

@BatteredHope  William at the park

@BatteredHope  Beautiful September day at the beach with grandma

@BatteredHope  William is such a good sport

He tried so hard but each time one of the taller kids got to burst the bubble first. 
Did he get upset?  Never!  He's such a good sport and makes this grandma proud!

@BatteredHope  William and grandma at the park

@BatteredHope  Fun time at the park with grandma

My daughter called today to ask if I could house/dog/cat/sheep sit next month for a week.  

"Sure, honey, when?"

"Oh, and Mom.......we got goats today!"

Your turn -- what are some tidbits you can share with me about your past month?

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