Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's It Like?

Ever wonder what it's like?  If you know -- please enlighten me.

What's it like to leave your dirty dishes and clothes around the house knowing that someone is going to pick them up for you?

What's it like to come home from work and sit down to a home-cooked meal with all the trimmings?

Further, what's it like to eat your meal and then relax on the sofa while someone does the dishes and cleans the kitchen?

What's it like to open your dresser drawer and have clean socks?

What's it like to go to your closet and your shirts are pressed?

What's it like to go to the kitchen cupboard (instead of the store) and decide which snack you want?

Further still...what's it like knowing the same someone that prepared your meal worked all day at her full time job?

And what's it like to receive the benefits of the extra income?

What's it like to go to the bank and withdraw funds knowing that all the bills have been paid and what is left in the bank is at your disposal?

@BatteredHope Woman's work

I have decided that the only way I will ever know what it's like is if...................... 
  I get myself a wife!
Anybody out there know what it's like?

P. S.  I'm not complaining -- just wondering.  My hubby of 42 years is disabled from a car accident and he knows I wrote this!

Photos courtesy of dementiajourneys.com,womenconomicrights.woodpress

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