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Oh! To Be A Fly On The Wall

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall sometimes?  Just to see what goes on behind closed doors?  Here's your chance.  This is a group challenge sharing what is going on in our homes.
@BatteredHope Throw this stupid phone away

I have had my Blackberry Q10 for a month.  I walked into the telephone store yesterday.
"Hi, may I help you?"

I managed to maintain a smile, "Yes, you can throw this stupid phone away and sell me one that works properly!"

The girl was patient with me as she explained it was not the phone, it was the operator.  I pride myself at being pretty darn good with electronics but she made it look so easy to use.  I was having great difficulty with everything from answering a call to opening a new window.  Apparently I must be more GENTLE and not press so hard. We'll see how it goes this month but the jury is still out on this one.  What about you?  Any Q10 users that love their Blackberry?

@BatteredHope  #sheep  William loves his new pets

You Got WHAT?

The other day my daughter called to say that they just got three sheep.  SHEEP?  Who in the world goes out and buys sheep?  Apparently they are great field fertilizers for growing hay for the horses and cows that are coming soon.  This is my daughter who wear high heels, has perfectly manicured nails and loves all aspects of the big city.

"You got what?"

"Sheep.  Mom, they are so cute and they love to follow me around the property.  William (grandson) gets up early in the morning to let them out of their pen and makes sure they have water and food."

Next month I am going to house and animal sit for my daughter for a week -- this should be interesting!  Did I mention she has six dogs and a cat?

@BatteredHope #Flyonthewall  Why is there always just one shoe on the road?

Last month I asked the QUESTION OF THE DECADE -- and no one had an answer.  Come on - somebody out there has got to know why there is only one shoe on the side of the road.  I need answers!

Everyone needs a chance to brag a little, right?
Have you ever met a grandmother that was not proud of her grand children?  Ever met one who believed with all her heart that her grand kids were the best of the best?  I am one of those grand moms.  I believe in keeping my eyes wide open and my mouth shut because otherwise, I would be talking about my grandson all the time.  When other people tell me how great their grand kids are, I would love to do a "one-up" but I do my best to restrain.  Here is my chance to brag a little.

My daughter Rochelle, William (2.5 year old grandson)  and I got up before dawn.  We were traveling by ferry to the city.  It is a couple hours travel time and another two hour ferry ride.  William stayed up from 6 a.m. until we were on our way back home that evening.  The best part is there was absolutely no whining or crying.  He just enjoyed the day with us.

While we were on the ferry, I took him for a walk to help pass the time.  We went into the Ferry Gift Shoppe and I saw the cashier give me -- the 'look.'  You know the one -- the one that says "If that kid breaks anything, you are paying for it."

Ride the ferry @BatteredHope

I smiled at her and knew she had no idea what this little boy was like.  We spent about 30 minutes in the gift shoppe, mostly looking at the over-priced toys.  William would point to something and say "Marma?" (that's his way of saying Grandma)  I would shake my head 'No' and we would look at something else.  When he saw the captain's hat he got pretty excited.  I allowed him to try it on and then put it back.  He certainly had a disappointed look, but didn't beg or cry.

As we were leaving the shop, we started to turn a corner when a man, who was walking at a very fast pace, almost ran into us and could have easily knocked William down.  Was Grandma proud when this little guy said "Cuse me, sir."  The man stopped dead in his tracks and said "I am so sorry little fella."

The entire day turned out to be beyond enjoyable as they always are when I get to spend time with Rochelle and William.  Here he is, a little boy, patiently waiting for the fireworks to start.  Thanks for allowing me to brag a little.

@BatteredHope Little boy waiting for fireworks

We would love to have you join us at Fly On the Wall and share what goes on in your home.  Please buzz around these blogs for a peek into some other bloggers homes. 

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