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#AskAwayFriday with April Grant of 100lb Countdown

It is Friday and I am taking the plunge into #AskAwayFriday!  It is a fabulous way to connect and interview fellow bloggers.  Bloggers swap questions and answer those questions on their own blog.

Today I am swapping questions with April Grant of 100lb Countdown.  April is a wife, mom, fitness coach, author, blogger.  She endured the loss of her baby boy and is an encouragement to any who have suffered a similar loss.  Take the time to read her About Me  page and see what an awesome woman she has become.

#AskAwayFriday @100poundcountdown April Grant

100lb Countdown

Please visit her blog to see what I asked her.   Here are the questions she posed to me today: 

1.  I'm considering homeschooling my son. What made you decide to home school your children?

My decision was a spur of the moment decision. My (adopted) son was in grade two and bringing home straight A's. Then I became aware that he was charming his little girl friends into allowing him to copy their answers. What I did not realize was how much he was struggling with academics. At 7, he was diagnosed with FAS. I spoke to the principal and requested one-on-one help for him. When the assistant arrived at the school, the teacher sent her home by saying “If a child cannot apply himself and learn under my instruction, he does not deserve to learn.”  When my son came home from school that day and told me what happened, I went ballistic.   I contacted the school board and it turned into a political mess.   I pulled him out of school and started homeschooling. There were so many programs available it was really quite easy and a lot of fun. My three year old daughter just naturally started learning alongside him and viola – I had two kids in home school.

2. You wake up at 4:15? I couldn't do it! Tell me about your average day now!

I am a workaholic. It is sometimes a curse, not a blessing, but that is another story.  I do what has to be done. If I need to get up at be it.

My day starts at the computer; answering emails, organizing business for the day (I have two brick and mortar businesses as well), and doing whatever is on one of my proverbial lists. Then I get ready for work and am at my office/store until at least 4 p.m.  I'm a great cook and try to plan my meals in advance. After dinner, I like to unwind by watching an hour of T V and then back to the computer. Around 10, I relax by putting on my creative hat and writing a blog post. Usually I am ready to crash by midnight.   I never use an alarm clock; when I am done sleeping, I wake up – around 6ish.

3.  What is your biggest multitasking tip?

I plan my time to do more than one thing at a time, whenever possible. This takes practice as I am always aware of how to do at least two things at once.  Some have said you cannot be effective and will become scattered brained, I BEG to differ!

My husband can't begin to do two things at once. One time, he was in the kitchen eating a piece of toast and I asked him to hand me something. With a straight face he said, “I can't. I am busy.”

“Busy?” I asked “What are you doing?”

“Chewing!” I swear he was serious and you had to scrape me off the floor from laughing so hard.

4.  I was extremely organized, until I had children. Now I can't remember what day it is. What is your must have tool for staying organized?

That's an easy one.  I have a simple, proven method that takes some practice and discipline.   I wrote a post about it called  Serious, but Easy Help for Procrastinators.

@BatteredHope  Help for procrastinators

5.  You only started your blog, after your publisher recommended it. How do you like it so far? What's the hardest thing? What's the easiest?

I love blogging and join every challenge that comes my way. The hardest thing was setting it up as I had no one to guide or help me. It was learn by doing and I have a long way to go yet. The easiest? Writing a post.  I love writing - it has been therapy for me for as long as I can remember.

6. You mentioned that you were given two years to live 40 years ago. What changes did you make in your lifestyle to make it to today? 

Adding the right food supplements to my diet. I was in my twenties, when the doctor said the "C" word.  He said I had two choices -- hysterectomy or death.  Well, I didn't like either of those choices so I told him that.  He stood up from behind his desk, shook his finger in my face and almost spitting at me for defying him, said "Then, lady, you go home, you suffer and YOU DIE."

I stood up and started out the door, then turned and said ""  It is one story of 12 traumatic chapters in my memoir, Battered Hope.  

7. As the Queen of Organizing, tell us about the place you're the most proud of and the least proud of (assuming you have one)! 

I run a tight ship at home, i.e. everything clean and organized; it is a lifestyle. There really isn't anything I am exceptionally proud of or embarrassed about – it is just the way I live. Everything in it's place. Refer back to number 4 above.  It has become such a habit that I cannot put anything off until later.  If it needs doing, I do it.  That tends to make you organized on every level.

8. I've spent more time thinking about writing a memoir, not to publish any time soon,  but in general. What's that process like, especially having an eventful life such as yours?

It is difficult to put into words. My life was traumatic on many levels and I wrote myself letters of encouragement over 40 years, hoping that some day I would put them into story form. As many people, I have a tendency to bury the pain of the past. If I had not kept those notes I would never have remembered enough details to write a book.

My daughter pushed and 'demanded' that I publish, constantly telling me, “Mom, do you have any idea how many people need to read your story and be encouraged by seeing how you survived so much?”  She did this for ten years.  I never felt adequate until one day her crazy miniature Dachshund puppy motivated me to write.  That funny story is here.


9.  I read your story about losing Seth, but you mentioned losing two children. I lost my little Alexander. I couldn't imagine losing a second yet it haunts my mind daily. What happened the second time, if you don't mind me asking? 


I remember reading the story of your little Alexander and the pain you experienced. It is like none other and I can't begin to imagine what you went through. You are absolutely right – it haunts you forever. Losing Seth was difficult.  But losing Jason was even harder.  He is our adopted son since he was three days old.  He is now 32 years old with a wife and two little boys. Two years ago, our daughter gave us a 40th wedding anniversary gala affair and I was on top of the world. It was like the wedding we never had. I think it was one of the best days of my life. Two days later, our son came into our place of business and nonchalantly announced that he never wanted to see us again and to stay away from them. “Oh.... and have a nice life.” There has been no contact since and I almost died of a broken heart – we lost the whole family that day. Our grandsons were 2.5 and 6 months old.  It would be easy to give up hope of ever seeing them again, but I refuse to go there.

10.  Describe your dream home, if money was no object! Location, size, even layout if you know. Pictures or floor plans welcome!

The more contemporary the better. As automated as possible – everything run by computers. Overlooking the ocean on top of a rock.

Not this one 

And this is a bit much

A toss up between these two

Thank you so much for inviting me, April.  I look forward to learning more about you.  Everyone, please join me as we head over to the other bloggers in this challenge.


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