Thursday, May 1, 2014

A TO Z Challenge - Kudos and Thank Yous

The pressure is off.  Have you noticed that the comments on your A - Z blog posts dwindled after the middle of the month?  I believe that most of us were getting behind a little more every day.  Personally, I still have six letters (U - Z) to read and comment. 

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Huge kudos to Corinne who organized and managed the challenge and maintained her own posts as well.

What did I get out of this challenge?  

When I picked my theme of Dogs, I really didn't think it was possible to come up with 26 dog stories.  Not only did I do it, I still have some to post at another time. 
Don't you think once we got started, it just got easier?  This challenge was not just whether or not we could complete the task, but also to prove to ourselves that discipline and hard work is rewarded.
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We didn't just 'connect' with other bloggers, we became friends.  We communicated.  We empathized and sympathized.  We laughed together.  We cried together.  We found new recipe sources.  We heard about places on this earth that would be great to visit.  We discovered movies to see and books to read.  We appreciated the talent of our fellow bloggers.  
@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge  Thank you

It is always easy to say "Let's stay connected."  Then life gets in the way and.....well, you know.  I hope that doesn't happen and I for one, want to hear from all of you on a regular basis.  I am going to follow your blogs as well as following you on other social media.  

The first day of April I got devastating news that shook me to the core.  Putting one foot in front of the other took all my energy and I was struggling not to break down.  I am thankful that I had already prepared the first week of blog posts and also glad I was able to read so many of your posts.  For each of you that commented on my posts, you made my day - literally.  It gave me the encouragement I needed and kept me focused.  For that I am thankful and indebted to you all.

@BatteredHope  #AtoZChallenge  After the pressure

Let's start writing our posts now for 2015 -- whadda think?

If you missed any dog stories and want to catch up -- here they are:

A is for All the Dogs               B is for Babe                             C is for Charlie
G is for Galloping down the road                                              H is for Hiding behind the tree
I is for The Intimidator                                                              J i for Just Dream Big
Z is for Zack - Rescue Doberman 

Photos courtesy of Denise Krebs, Alan Cleaver, Keith Williamson and Sean MacEntee

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