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Dogs - V is for Victory in Puppy Birth

Remember Lily, the Intimidator?  I promised the story of her birthing experience and it is one for the books!  In that post I shared how Lily was rescued in Mexico and brought home by my daughter.   In N is for New Addition, Chiweenie you were introduced to Lola, the offspring of Lily, the Chihuahua and Louis Vuitton, the mini Dachshund.

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge Louie and Lily

As careful as we were, Lily got pregnant when she was only six months old.  We were concerned, but the vet said she was healthy enough so there should not be a problem.

It was a Sunday afternoon in late October when Lily went into labor. My son-in-law had assisted in several births growing up on the farm, but he knew something was terribly wrong.  Lily was definitely in distress.  After a few hours of intense labor, he called the vet.  It was early Sunday evening and they were not open.  He started calling all the vets in the area and told them it was an emergency. He spoke with 21 different pet hospitals and every single one of them asked the same question.  "This is an after hours emergency call and we will need to be assured up front that you will have $3,000 before we will even consider opening the doors."  

Wasn't there one vet who ACTUALLY CARED about animals?

By the time Thomas talked to the last one, he was so distraught and Lily was in a lot of pain.  He dialed Vet Number 22.

"I have a 6 month old Chihuahua that is in trauma and trying to deliver her pups.  She is in distress and not able to give birth.  Can you help me?"

The vet replied, "Absolutely!  I am about twenty minutes away and I will drop everything and come immediately."  There was no mention of cost.

Thomas and Rochelle called a taxi and were getting into the car when the driver said, "NO DOGS ALLOWED"  and he sped away. By this time, Rochelle was in tears and they hailed another cab who got them to the clinic just as the doctor was arriving.

He took one look at Lily and said "The pup is breached."  He gave her a quick shot for pain and delivered the first one. 

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge  Lily and pups

After examining Lily he said that there were two more and she was so very weak that it was gong to take some time.

He suggested that he show Thomas what to do when the next one came and asked them to call him later that night.  "It doesn't matter what time you call, I just need to be sure Lily and the pups are alright."

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge Lola

Thomas thanked him and asked what they owed him.  He asked, "How much you got?"  Thomas said he had about $250 on him. "Just give me $200, you are going to need cab fare and I don't want to cut you short."  Considering everything that had just happened, it was an emotional moment.  They told the vet how much that was appreciated and headed home.  

It wasn't until after midnight when the last pup was delivered.  All three were safe and Lily could finally rest.  She was such a baby to be having babies but was a very attentive mom.  We called the local newspapers and radio station to tell our story of this vet who was a true caregiver and hero.   His love for animals was evident and a true credit to his profession.

Would the week old pups be able to survive without their mom?

One week later, it was Halloween.   Thomas and Rochelle were planning an evening out and took the dogs for a pee before leaving. A kid threw a firecracker towards Lily. The loud noise caused her to free herself from her leash and she escaped in terror into the night.

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge  Lily's pups

They began to call and look everywhere; under every bush, in every yard - no luck. The kids who were trick-or-treating were helping and the whole neighborhood was searching for this poor little dog.  

Poor Little Lily ..... Was she gone forever?

I was out of town and not able to be there to help so Rochelle called me every half hour to let me know the progress  At midnight, after looking for six hours, they knew it was too late.  Lily was gone. They had to find bottles to feed the pups and we all cried and hoped her babies would survive.

At 12:30 AM I called her back.  "Honey, I think you should go outside and call Lily one more time."

"You will never guess what happened Mom.  I AM outside and just as you called me, I saw her.  She is under the bush by our front door.  She is shaking and cold but seems okay."

When Rochelle brought Lily inside, she made a bee-line to her pups and what a reunion it was for everyone.

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge Lily reunited with her pups

Nine years later, Lily still attends to Lola like a newborn.  She bathes Lola everyday and cuddles her.  To those of you who read Lola's story and how weird and challenged she is......well, maybe it was her birth experience that caused these problems.  We will never know.

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge  Lily's pups

 What do you think?  Do they look healthy?  

I am participating in this year's A to Z Challenge 2014 and am sharing 26 dogs stories - one for each letter of the alphabet. 

A is for All the Dogs               B is for Babe                             C is for Charlie
D is for Dyeing Hair                E is for Emergency                   F is for Flying Snake and Flying Dogs
G is for Galloping down the road                                              H is for Hiding behind the tree
I is for The Intimidator                                                              J i for Just Dream Big
K is for Babe is Killed
L is for Louie Vuitton
M is for MercedeZ 
N is for New Addition Chiweenie 
O is for Old Fart and Other Cats 
P is for Perky 
Q is for Quincy
R is for Rusty and Rex  Black Dobermans 
S is for Sheba on the Yellow Line
T is for Texas Poopy Pants
U is for Unique Pictures and Upside Down

It would be awesome if you would visit other blogs in this challenge.  There is a wide range of subjects posted every day and my fellow bloggers would be honored to have you drop by.

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