Monday, April 28, 2014

The NUMBER ONE Reason Not to Give Commercial Pet Food to your Dog

If you love your dog, and I am sure you do or you would not be reading this post, then please consider feeding your best friend a natural food diet.   

You can't afford to ignore this

One of the first reactions people make regarding natural pet food is "I can't afford it!"  First of all, natural food is basically the same price or cheaper than commercial brands.  Secondly, and even more important, your vet bills will drop to a minimum or become non-existent.

Remember when we were kids-- now I am talking to those of us who grew up in the 1950s and 60s -- do you remember buying dog food in the stores?  I certainly don't.  Our dogs ate the dinner leftovers.  If you remember that, then you also recall we rarely took our pets to the vet.   In general, all our pets lived healthy lives. 

What did they feed dogs before pet food was on the market?

I think it was in the late 60s  commercial "pet food" became available for our dogs and cats.   We were told it was unhealthy to give them table scraps.  Soon, we had to take them to see the pet doctor as they were acquiring various health issues.

We had several dogs and cats who were all raised on pet food.  They were part of our family and only the best food would do -- and usually it was the most expensive.  They acquired various health problems, including cancer, and certainly did not live life to their full potential. 


Approximately ten years ago, we became aware what was actually in the dog food we were feeding our pets.  we were appalled.  It really does not matter how much money you spend on your dog food, it basically has the same chemicals, toxins, additives, food coloring you name the cheaper brands.

We immediately introduced our black Lab, Mercedez, to a raw food diet and within a few weeks, she lost ten pounds of weight that she did not need.  Her coat became shiny and satiny, her eyes cleared from the allergies she had, her breath started to smell sweet and she had more energy. AND SHE DID NOT HAVE ANY MORE BOWEL GAS!

Remember Texas?  Remember his brutal attack?
Even at 15 years old, he survived the surgery because of his health

Around the same time, we inherited a miniature Dachshund, Texas who was nine years old.  He had several tumor-like growths and dragged his hind quarters.  He appeared to be in a lot of pain and had to be carried outside to relieve himself.   In two weeks time, he went from dragging his back end to running and jumping.  His tumors literally disappeared and he was obviously happier.  He is now almost 18 and our Lab is 14.  They are still both youthful, playful and full of life with shiny coats and healthy teeth.  We have not had a vet bill in all these years.


I promised you the NUMBER ONE reason to switch to a natural food diet and here it is.  There are several large dog food manufacturing facilities that purchase euthanized pets from veterinary clinics to be ground up and used in their dog food.  Even more disgusting they don't bother to remove the collars, leashes or plastic bags from the dogs.  These companies will also buy road kill.  If this is not enough for you to at least check out a natural diet........Please take 3 minutes to watch this informative video -

Many of our acquaintances have switched their dogs to a raw food diet with similar results.  I am so thankful for giving new life to our little friends and seriously recommend you check out a raw food diet for yours.  We buy the meat at our local butcher which is ground beef and heart.  To that, we add carrots, celery, apple, parsley and yams that we have put through the food processor.  We add some vitamins and that's it.  A couple times a week they get raw beef knuckle bones which clean their teeth and work their upper body muscles.    Healthy, happy pets without medical bills. 

It may be well worth your while to check out a raw food diet that is recommended for your pet.  Vets will usually warn you against it -- and I believe the reasons are obvious.

Have you ever considered a raw food diet for your dog?  If you have any questions about switching to raw food, please let me know.  I will help in any way I can to answer any questions.

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