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Dogs - T is for Texas Poopy Pants

Texas.  Tex.  Texie Mexie.  Texus Mexus.  Poopy Pants.  Many of you will remember the story of Texas in E is for Emergency when he was brutally attacked.  Texas has had a few lives already in his 17 plus years.   Texas has sired 27 liters of pups and was Louis Vuitton's dad.  Remember Louie in Just Dream Big  and L is for Louis Vuitton .  Texas is also Grandpa to crazy Lola in Chiweenie.  Now you have a little of the family history so I will share how we came to be proud parents to Texas.

@BatteredHope #AtoZChallenge Texas

When my daughter Rochelle was 16, her boyfriend, Thomas, gave her a new puppy.....Louie.  Louie was one of the pups that Thomas' dog, Texas, had fathered.   I know many of you have fallen in love with Louie and his crazy antics like packing his suitcase!  He got his smarts from his dad, Texas.

Texas was raised in the country and herded horses to and from the pastures.  He may have been little but he was strong and spunky.  When Thomas' family moved into the city they could not take their dogs and Texas was adopted into another home.  Within a year, Thomas discovered that Tex was being mistreated by his new family and he took him back.  By this time, Thomas had a home of his own and he could keep Texas.

Do dogs choose their owners?
Thomas asked us to babysit Texas for three weeks while he was traveling.  We had just lost Babe, in Babe is Killed.  My husband was still hurting from our loss and Texas must have sensed that pain.  He attached himself to my husband like glue.  Very quickly, it was evident these two were meant for each other.  Texas never left him out of his sight.

When Thomas returned after three weeks to pick up Texas he said "C 'mon Texas, get in the truck!"

"GRRRRRRR" was Texas response.


"GRRRRRRRRRRRR......WOOF WOOF!"  He growled.

Thomas took a long look at my husband and said "Guess you got yourself a dog!"  And the rest, as they say, is history.

That was eight years ago and he is still attached to hubby like a magnet.

When I listed his nicknames in the first paragraph, one was Poopy Pants.  It is a term of endearment I have given him in his old age.  If you have ever had an old dog, you know why!

@BatteredHope  #AtoZChallenge  Texas
Texas recovering from his brutal attack
I am participating in this year's A to Z Challenge 2014 and am sharing 26 dogs stories - one for each letter of the alphabet. 

A is for All the Dogs               B is for Babe                             C is for Charlie
D is for Dyeing Hair                E is for Emergency                   F is for Flying Snake and Flying Dogs
G is for Galloping down the road                                              H is for Hiding behind the tree
I is for The Intimidator                                                              J i for Just Dream Big
K is for Babe is Killed
L is for Louie Vuitton
M is for MercedeZ 
N is for New Addition Chiweenie 
O is for Old Fart and Other Cats 
P is for Perky 
Q is for Quincy
R is for Rusty and Rex  Black Dobermans 
S is for Sheba on the Yellow Line

It would be awesome if you would visit other blogs in this challenge.  There is a wide range of subjects posted every day and my fellow bloggers would be honored to have you drop by.

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