Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dogs - I is for the Intimidator

Remember Lily in Flying Dogs and Flying Snakes?   She was the one who would get so excited about seeing Grandma (me) that she would fly across the furniture. 

In the above picture, Lily looks pretty darn cute but up close and personal, she has a serious underbite that makes her look like a bull dog with attitude; hence, she became the Intimidator.

My daughter's boyfriend, Thomas, gave her a Miniature Dachshund for her 16th birthday.  His name is Louis Vuitton and inspires me to write about him often.   Two years later, they went to Mexico for a holiday.  When Thomas called from the airport he said he had something to discuss with me.  I was freaking -- I thought maybe they got engaged!  When I picked them up, he was reluctant to tell me what happened.  They were walking the streets of a Mexican town and saw several very tiny Chihuahuas in a cardboard box who looked undernourished and dehydrated.   He immediately ran to get them water and the lady selling them became very upset.  She yelled at him, "Don't give them water, then they will pee."
Immediately, Thomas wanted to buy them all but there was no way he could.  He picked one of the tiniest ones and asked "How much?"  The lady quoted some astronomical amount and Thomas handed her $200 and said,  "Take it or leave it."

I laughed out loud as my fears were squelched.  THAT'S what he wanted to tell me -- another dog was coming to my house!  (By the way, they did get married and have a wonderful family of dogs and one precious son, so far.)

 Once Top Dog.....Always Top Dog

By the time Lily was a few months old, it was evident she was Top Dog.  The funniest thing I ever witnessed proving this, was when  we had prawns for dinner.  At the time, we had four dogs and there were four prawns left over, one for each dog.  We tossed one to Lily, the Chihuahua and one to each of the Miniature Dachshunds, Texas and Louie.  Then the last one was for Mercedez, the Black Lab and as most of you dog owners know......dogs don't taste their food, they inhale it.  It happened so fast, I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it.
Can I have a prawn too?  Lily took mine

Mercedez caught the prawn in mid air just as Lily gave her a look that said "If you think you are going to eat that, you are kidding yourself.  It is mine." At this point, Mercedez dropped the prawn out of her mouth tossing it at The Intimidator, who devoured it and walked away. 

Lily, the flirt

Lily loves men.  She is a big flirt and when men come to visit, she will jump up on their laps and try to make nice.  If they don't pay any attention to her, she runs into the bedroom and comes out wearing woman's underwear, preferably, thongs.  The first time it happened we thought maybe it was a fluke but, no.....she does it consistently. She somehow gets them wrapped around her head and struts into the room as if to say "Like me now?"

Lily is definitely her daddy's girl and Thomas doesn't think she can do anything wrong.  Lily knows this, of course, and is quick to blame her five brothers or sisters if anything is askew.

The story of Lily giving birth is a remarkable miracle which you can read by clicking here.

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