Friday, April 4, 2014

Flying Snakes and Flying Dogs

Flying.  A pretty broad term.  Flying Snakes.  Not so broad. Whoever heard of flying snakes? Or flying dogs?

@BatteredHope Sinker loved flying snakes
Sinker, red Doberman

My husband had just mowed the lawn on a hot summer day and laid down on the chaise lounge to catch some rays.  He had almost dozed off when a whizzing sound startled him.  It sounded like a Frisbee whirling past his head.  Thinking he may be dreaming, he didn't give it any more thought.

There it was again.  This time louder and definitely faster.  He sat straight up and looked around.  Nothing... except our two dogs rolling on the freshly mowed grass.

Sheba Keeshond @BatteredHope
Sheba, Keeshond

At that time we had Sheba, our Keeshond, and Sinker, a red Doberman we had rescued from a terrible abusive life.  Sheba was definitely top dog, partly because she was there first, but mostly because of her attitude.  She knew she was better than any Dobie could ever hope to be.  More about them in another blog post.

"What the?"  There it was again, but this time he managed to open his eyes in time to see a snake go 'flying' past his head.  These two crazy dogs were playing Toss the Snake to see who could wing it the farthest. They definitely were having a great time-- not so sure about the little garden snakes, however.   I never quite figured out why dogs do this -- I think they see the snake moving in the grass and pick it up to check it out and it must feel weird in their mouth so they fling it.  What do you think?

Lily the flying dog @BatteredHope

I will talk about Lily, our Chihuahua, in a later blog but the subject here is flying.  Lily is one crazy pup.  She weighs about 2 pounds, soaking wet, and has a serious under bite to make her look ridiculous.  But she loves her grandma and loves to come for a visit.  And her grandma tells her how pretty she is every time I see her.

She gets so excited that she flies across the furniture so fast and so high in the air, you couldn't catch her if you wanted to.  You are usually laughing so hard that watching her is pure entertainment.

Now, if we could get the flying dog to catch the flying snakes, we might go viral!

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