Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Babe - Our Dobie Lap Dog

My husband and I have always called each other Babe.  It would never occur to either one of us to name a dog Babe.  So how is it Babe was our loving pet for about ten years?

Babe was our loving pet
Babe and Mercedez

We had been out of touch with my husband's father for close to eight years.  We missed him but distance and circumstances prevented much contact.  In the spring of 1995, my hubby decided it had been too long and he needed to see his father.  He made the call.  Dad was thrilled and plans were made for hubby and son to go for a visit.

Only two weeks passed and we got the call from my sis-in-law.  "Dad slipped on the ice and hit his head.  He didn't make it.  He's gone."  

How could this possibly have happened?  Now, of all times?  But it did. The long trip was made but it was to dad's funeral, not for a visit.

Not all surprises are a good thing?
I stayed home with my daughter and when my hubby called, his voice sounded sheepish and I knew what he was going to say before he ever said it.

"Uh.....Babe.  You aren't going to believe this but...."

"Dad had a dog, right?"

"How did you know?"

"Just did!  And you want to bring him home, right?"

I was rapidly preparing my argument in my head against it.  We HAD a dog.  But then he said, "Her name is Babe.  She is a Doberman/Shepherd cross and she's beautiful.  She has ears as big as her head and you will love her.  Tell Rochelle I got a special dog, just for her."

I hung up the phone and told my daughter that Daddy had a special surprise for her and she was terribly excited.

Babe was Bat Dog @BatteredHope  #AtoZChallenge
Those ears......BAT DOG

When they got home, it was dark outside and Rochelle got a flashlight to go outside to see her special surprise.  Babe took one look at her with the flashlight in her hand and lunged at her, growling, barking and showing her teeth.

I was screaming and terrified but within seconds, Babe realized the flashlight was not a threat and she settled down.

"Nice surprise, Dad!"

Babe proved to be one of the best guard dogs we ever had and our daughter grew to love her dearly.  She was one of our greatest dogs in every way.  She was gentle and fun, smart and goofy.  She attached herself to my husband's hip and stayed there.  No matter where he went, whatever room he went into, she had to follow him.

She worked her way onto our laps, just like every Dobie we ever had.  She was such a goof.

A is for All The Dogs  

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