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This is the first time I will be involved in the A - Z Blogging Challenge and I certainly have been looking forward to it.  I have met so many wonderful people during the short time I have been blogging and especially during challenges - and look forward to a lot of insight about many soon-to-be new friends.

No Wi-Fi?  @BatteredHope

Within seconds of signing up for this challenge, I knew what my theme would be.  I asked a few friends what I should blog about in this challenge and all of them just looked at me as if I just landed from outer space and was asking directions.   It was hands down, no question about it -- DOGS.  But not just dogs, OUR dogs.  We have had enough of these family members to fill up this daily challenge.

So I started making some notes and was prepared to start writing this week while I was on a speaking tour.  Most days I was scheduled to speak at a luncheon so the rest of the day could be devoted to blogging, answering emails and commenting on other blogs.  It was a much needed and deserved 'rest'.  

You have got to be kidding me!

First day out was totally mine as I would not be speaking until the next day and when I arrived at my remote location for the night -- guess what?  NO internet!  No Wi-Fi.  "Sorry," they said.

No problem, I will read and relax.

Second day - New city - NO internet!  No Wi-Fi.  "That's okay,  I will find a Starbucks."

At Starbucks, they were most apologetic but their Wi-Fi was in need of technical repair.  "Sorry," they said.

No problem, I will read and relax.

Third day --  New city - NO internet!  No Wi-Fi.  "That's okay, I will find a Starbucks."

At Starbucks, they were most apologetic but they have been having technical difficulties.  "Sorry," they said.

Fourth day -- New city - BIG city.  COULDN'T find a Starbucks.  But found an electronics department in a large department store and they had a coffee shop attached.  I 'set up shop' and NO Wi-Fi.  "Sorry," they said.  "You have to be within fifty feet of the electronics department in order to get Wi-Fi."

I got my coffee, had an hour to spare before speaking and set up shop in the electronics department.  I opened my inbox to see close to 2,000 emails.  I laughed, shut off my computer and drank my coffee.

Lesson Learned:  Take Time to Relax, Woman!

So, I am a little behind in my blogging and communication this week but I read a good book, played cards with some strangers and had some good laughs.

Now, I am ready to get down to this challenge -- see you all there.

Most of my posts will be funny stories that I hope will lighten your day and give you a smile. 
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