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How To Allow Criticism To Control

Criticism.  How do you handle it?  If it proves to be helpful, then it should be taken seriously.  But, it is a mistake to take it to heart when it is unwarranted.  The OPINIONS of others should never discourage you from doing anything you feel you can or should do. The decision must be yours alone.

@BatteredHope How do you handle criticism?

Prove Your Critics WRONG

When the great Polish pianist, Ignace Paderewski, first chose the piano, he was told by his music teacher that his hands were much too small to master the keyboard.  He proved her wrong!

When the great Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso, first applied for instruction, the teacher told him his voice was like the “wind whistling through a window.”  He proved him wrong.

When Benjamin Disraeli, the great statesman of Victorian England attempted to speak in Parliament for the first time, the members hissed him into silence and laughed when he said “Though I sit down now, the time will come when you will hear me.”  The history.

When  Gugllielmo Marconi, the great electrical engineer said the discoveries of the German scientist Heinrich Hertz could be applied to worldwide wireless communication, he was told his ideas were contrary to the laws of physics.  The rest is radio technology.

These men knew what they wanted to do.  Do you think they had doubts?  Of course they did.  Do you think they questioned the criticism?  Of course they did.  But they did NOT allow it to discourage them to the point of quitting.  They would just work harder until they achieved success.

What is the thrill of accomplishment?

Accomplishment that comes easily seldom brings the joy of fulfillment.  Think about that statement.  Think about the hundred and one things you do every day and don't even think about what you are doing.  Do these tasks raise your adrenalin levels?  It is the difficult challenge and the one that others say you cannot accomplish that seems to create the excitement in your performance.

Absolute Necessity to Success

You must begin with a belief in yourself.  Believe that you can do the extraordinary even if it does not come naturally.  Even if you want to shy away, to back off, or never even start, you MUST, if you want to succeed.

That is the process of experiencing the adrenalin rush – these are the experiences of a lifetime.
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