Sunday, July 21, 2013


My daughter and her family purchased an acreage and home from her husband's grandparents a year ago.  Grandpa and Grandma were so happy to have the homestead and 11 acres of manicured property stay in the family.  They moved six miles away into a new condo to retire in comfort. 

Grandpa was 80 years old and fit as a fiddle.  Everyday, rain or shine, he rode his bicycle to the property, which was six miles each way.  He continued to maintain his beloved property, cutting the lawn, pruning the various fruit trees and shrubs and general maintenance for both the property and the house.   It is what Grandpa loved to do.  The grandchildren were not going to move into the home for a couple years. 

My daughter and her husband visited Grandpa on the property last week on one of their monthly visits and he was so proud to show off his workmanship. 

Yesterday he was a few hundred yards from the gate to the property when a speeding car wiped out his life.  It was all over in a  matter of seconds and our beloved was gone. 

It is a 24 hour non-stop trip for the family with children and pets (4 dogs and a cat).  They arrived home two days ago and had to turn right around and drive back for the funeral.  So very sad and so very unnecessary.  It was a wide country road and the driver paid no attention where he was going -- just in a hurry to get there.

Please remind your family how much you love them.  They won't be here forever.

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