Sunday, June 16, 2013

This review made me cry:

Carol, you are a champion and a servant – thanks for your courage and your commitment.

I am currently reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63 this novel is 848 pages and I have been enjoying the story.  Last night when it was time for me to relax and read even though I am on page 707 of this most interesting book which I am curious to learn how the author ends….I started your book- Battered Hope.

I read last night and this morning finished …. throughout your story I felt joy for you with hope of the new beginnings and what might have become to be change for the better.  Then I cried and cried when time and time again the hope was battered by people who took advantage of you each time.

I want others to purchase your book and will tell everyone about it.  I know it will touch them as well and give them courage.

I thank you for keeping clear about who the Lord is in our lives.  I appreciate so much that you do understand and say in your book for others to learn --  “What did God have to do with our bad decisions, our mistakes, and our failures?"  They were our choices.

Well done!  E. M.

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