Friday, October 23, 2020

During Stressful Times, We Can Be Thankful We Have A Home

Every other year my Christmas shopping would be done by now. Usually, I shop in August and September and wrap gifts in October. By the time Christmas comes around I have forgotten what I purchased for everybody so it is a big surprise for me as well. I get my thrills where I can!

Not sure what happened this year except that it has been incredibly busy. Although I have not been on the road for any speaking tours during this pandemic, every other part of our businesses has soared. 

Angels Took on a New Form

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Do You Avoid the Triggers That Remind You of Past Memories?


Memories are triggered in many different ways.  Sometimes it is when you smell a fragrance your friend used to wear. Or maybe a bad smell of food (cooked cabbage) that reminds you when your mother MADE you eat it.

Some memories are triggered by sounds  - especially music. I think most of us have vivid memories from our teen years or when we fell in love for the first time.

Each of us has good and bad memories. Hopefully, it is the good ones we hold on to and let the bad ones go. But both types of memories have triggers.

And then there are pictures. Pictures of when we were children. Pictures of our first date, dance, or graduation. Pictures of long lost friends or family members.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Do You Know How to Stay Focused During Trauma

Trauma affects us. Period. How it affects us can be either a negative or positive experience. But, turning a negative into a positive is often easier said than done, isn't it?


Sometimes we do not realize we have "been here before" until it's over. Pain works that way. Pain is just that - PAIN. When we are in the middle of it, it feels like a new experience. Yet, it rarely is.

There are many types of pain that we experience in life. There are times when we are blindsided and experience pain on a level we had not realized we were capable of handling. When we look back at those experiences we often wonder how we made it through -- but we did.  And we are stronger for it.

Pain takes on many forms in your life. Rejection, loss, physical or emotional trauma, abuse, divorce, the list goes on.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

4 Funny Tips on How to Create an Awesome Profile Picture

How important is your profile picture? There are many people who post profile pictures that are not pictures of themselves at all. You may choose to do this for various reasons. Some people may be more interested in sharing their brand instead of a photo of themselves. Some may want to post a family picture (which tells a story about who they are). Some may post a picture of their furry friend.

What does someone see when they look at your profile picture? No matter how often we may say that we don't judge a book by the cover, it is human nature to do just that.

Be careful not to judge too quickly

Friday, October 16, 2020

4 Ways to Live Longer and Happier

Almost everyone wants to live longer and we spend a lot of money trying to find the secrets to living a longer life. We buy potions, pills, creams, and exercise equipment - all in an effort to maintain or regain/retain our youth. We spend a great deal of our hard-earned money to look younger. Some of it works, but most of it does not.

Live longer

Don't Stop

Although longevity runs in my family, I know the reason most of them lived well into their 90s is that they don't stop. As my brother put it, "I'll have time to rest when I die." I  work harder than I did 40 years ago.  I love to be busy which helps me to think younger, act younger, and look younger. And an active brain is much better than the opposite. 

What you feed will grow
What you starve will die

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Do These Top 10 Worst Pet Peeves Make You Angry?

 Pet Peeves.  We all have them. They make us go GRRRRRR.

The Difference Between... 

Steve Martin

What is the difference between things we hate and pet peeves?  An example: I hate to see people smoking in a car with a dog inside. I want to run over and smash their windows.  It is now against the law to smoke with children in the car but not animals. Don't they have rights too?

A peeve leans more toward an annoyance experienced by many people.

We all have things in our lives that drive us nuts but we don't always want to admit it -- it sounds like we are whining.  

It is difficult to put them in order of most annoying to least as pet peeves are usually equally annoying!  

Gene Wilder

Monday, October 12, 2020

Do Manufacturers Actually Believe We Are This Stupid?

 HILARIOUS -- Have you seen these?

Are you a label reader?  If you are, then I am sure you have come across some labels that give your head a shake.  There are labeling laws that are in place to protect the consumer. However, when you read some of these actual labels, it makes you wonder if the industry thinks the human race is stupid, or worse.  

On the bottom of McCain's Tiramisu dessert:  "Do NOT turn upside down."  UHhh, a bit late!



On Planter's peanuts:  "WARNING:  may contain nuts" I was hoping for nutless peanuts!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Do People Say Nice Things and Really Mean Them?

How do you feel about people who lie to you?  I don't mean the big lies -- just those tiny ones that don't really seem to matter.  Or do they?  Saying things we really do not mean is often more of a habit than an intention to hurt someone.

"I'll be in touch."  If I tell someone I am going to stay in contact with them, I make a note of it right then and there.  Sometimes it means sending them a quick email to see when we can get together or to see what's new in their lives.  Making a friendly gesture is only the first step. Keeping in touch is quite another. 

I have heard those words so often and then wonder why they never call. Did they forget? Do they not care?  It reminds me of the phrase from the second (or first) date "I'll call you."  You know they don't have the slightest intention of calling so WHY waste breath by saying they will? Is it to appease the listener at the moment? It is just as easy to say "Goodbye" as it is to say you will be in touch.