Friday, February 2, 2018

Have You Ever Considered Trying Out for the Olympics?

Olympic symbols

Have you ever dreamed of being in the Olympics?  Can you imagine the world cheering you on while you rush towards the finish line?
I was asked this question and laughed out loud.  I don't even watch sports on TV.  Actually, that's not true.  Last year I watched the Super Bowl for the first time in my life.  Surprisingly I enjoyed it.  Will I ever do it again?  I doubt it.  My husband watches a sports event once or twice a year which I am thankful for otherwise, I might have to learn to enjoy it.

But I was asked a direct question which means I need to answer it honestly.  There were two sports I aced in high school.  One was basketball.  I was the star player for the Mackenzie Stags.  I enjoyed the rush and wanted to make my team proud.  It was an easy feat to make a free throw with my eyes closed or facing the opposite direction.  Now, I would be throwing air balls and an embarrassment to any team.  Memories are a good thing.

Even more than basketball, I could beat anyone of any gender on the track.  Several times I had boys approach me wanting to bet they could beat me.  I took those bets and always won.  They were not pleased and the language -- well, it wasn't fitting for high school kids back in that day.  

I almost ran a full block without stopping last week.  I was proud of myself.  WHAT HAPPENED?  I take my dogs for a power walk every day but running -- a lost art.

I gave my kids every opportunity to try any sports activity they wanted to and was surprised that my son really didn't enjoy any of them -- unless paintball is considered a sport.  My daughter was a natural for dancing classes of several varieties and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her perform.  But that is an art -- not a sport. Not growing up with sports watched in the home probably had a lot to do with it.  

If asked what sport I actually do enjoy watching, it would be boxing.  When I found out my daughter put her son, William, in boxing last year, I was thrilled.  I attended one of his classes; he did Gramma proud!  Sportsmanship can be taught in many ways and when you experience your grandson displaying it, you know his parents did it right.
Kids and sports

Six-year-old William was partnered with a 12-year-old boy while running laps at his boxing class.  His mom was shouting as all moms do "Run, William, run!"  Loud enough so that the entire gymnasium could hear, he shouted back, "I'm running slow because Jason (his partner) always loses and I want him to win this time!"  Gramma cried.

Have you ever dreamed of being an Olympic athlete?  What would your sport be?

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