Friday, November 7, 2014

My Dog Can Talk

She stood there.  Staring.  At.  Me.  It was kinda creepy. But I get her.  I knew exactly what she was saying.  She said,"Mom, don't you know that at my age, it is not good to leave me alone that long."

I was away for a couple weeks tending my daughter's hobby farm while she was on holiday.  I came home with all the smells of goats, sheep, dogs and cat on my belongings. Mercedez must have been devastated to think that I cared about those animals more than I cared about her.  I explained to her that I had to go away for a while but I don't think it registered.

Walking in the door, she did not come running to greet me. She wagged her tail and 'reluctantly' walked towards me.  I gave her hugs and love but she was aloof.  We communicate, her and I, so it did not take long to figure out how disappointed she was with me.

Mercedez is a black Lab who is close to fifteen years old.  She still thinks like a puppy, as I do, but our puppy days are over.  She moves slower, as I do.  I remember how we used to run together. Nothing could stop us then.  Now, it is much easier to cuddle on the sofa than run around the neighborhood.  We talked about this and decided we liked it indoors much better.

Hubby and I have had a lot of dogs in our home over the years  Rescue dogs make the best pets.  If you take the time to listen to them, they will tell you about their lives and why they appreciate you so much. Mercedez was a rescue. When we got her, she was only eight weeks old.  She had been abandoned and left with her brothers and sisters to fend for themselves.  We determined she was primarily Black Lab and Dalmatian but think there is some Pit Bull Terrier in there as well.

Of all the dozens of dogs we have had, she is the most emotional.  When we brought her home, we had an older German Shepherd/Doberman cross named Babe.  Read her crazy stories here.  Babe immediately took on the role of mother.  They were inseparable.  When Babe was killed, Mecedez was with me. (that story here) When I ran over Babe with my truck, Mercedez stayed in her bed for six weeks.  She would not eat without being forced.  She laid in her bed and whimpered softly.  I knew what she was telling me.  I consoled her daily.

Two years later, our cat Antonio died and Mercedez went through the same grieving process, but only for two weeks.  "Mom, I loved him but....he was just a cat!"  I understood that.

During the two weeks I recently was away, she missed me terribly.  I was told she was mourning. She knew I wasn't gone forever but it still bothered her a lot.

Any dog owner will tell you that they learn the language of DOG very quickly.  All you have to do is learn to listen. They enunciate clearly.  I know Mercedez' time is coming when she will say her final good-bye,  I dread the day,  But I will never allow her to suffer.  She will let me know when she is ready to go.  She talks to me.

Do you talk 'Dog?'  Pretty amazing, isn't it?